Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Myth about Smart Girls

How do you judge a Girl of her intelligence by just her look?

Do Smart Girls somehow look like this?

Don't play play. She, Ms Oh Su Lin, is just red as her handbag, her stiletto, and her necklace could be. the Top 1 student for three Top consecutive years in the Top school in the Top Penang. You want to beat her? Emm..Can try, can try..

Indeed Smart huh? So Smart girls really look like this?

Or this?

The rosie cheek Jelly. Top 3 for almost her years in Secondary. Brainy-brainy.

Oh..So this is how they really look like????!!

Could it be like that even?

Ahh...Another Smart girl. She was even our class monitor for S4A. It's the first class, so the leader of the class must be smart too right? Cant be blind leading the blind! That explains it all. =)

Hmmmm.....Or these?

They call themself Galileo Galilei. Now do u know who he is? A phenomenal physicist. A Legendary figure. This is how he looks like...

I find no rationale when they call themselves his name. when they don't even look like him a bit. But wait..Only smart people dare to name themselves after smart people, isnt it? Fine.

So Smart girls actually have that kind of looks?

But I always thought..Smart Girls actually look like THIS!!!

You know, like the way she flashes their Million Dolar Smile, their so over-the-board confidence, just make them look like...

Woah..! WOah..! WOAH! How can you just be so Smart!

I mean, at least she knew how to conduct a Biology Experiment, aim to study the growth of a plant. The cell division, cell elongation and cell differentiation.

She even knows how to do add maths in Greenlane Mcdonalds with the coffee and what's worst, the noise buzzing around. YET, she was able to concentrate fully in her calculation.

And graduated 'honourably' frm her high school, Penang Chinese Girls High School. or better to be known as 'Peng Hwa'.

She even landed on page 98 of the 'prestigiuos' PCGHS school graduation magazine 2008 with her Darlie Smile.

SO! Isn't this how Smart people look like?

Ok..Ok..Enough of my self- praising. The story that makes me bring up this goes like this....

During my IT lesson, my male friend from college was asking me questions on how to do the Miscrosoft Word assignment that was given. Now he had asked the right person. I've been helping my mum in some of her computer work, so Microsoft Word is like my friend. but besides my frequent use, I must also be smart, if not why would he want to ask me??

And of course, he was indeed very impressed with what I know.Then he started off telling me a truth...

" I didnt know you were so smart. Do you know, actually my first impression towards you were: You look Dumb! " (Dumb as in i'm not smart la)

WHAT???! Dumb?! I was grasping for air when I heard it! I experienced suffocation. LOL. In my entire life, I always think I have the brains, and now for quite a new friend like you, you are telling me that I look DUMB?!

" Because, you know, during our self- introduction in Public Speaking class, you burst Laughing out so loud, and I thought you were Dumb! "

DUMB like what?

Like this?

Or this?

Or dumb-mer like this?

I mean, how do u really judge a girl by her looks, and label them as smart or not? I know there is a saying: 奶大没脑 (translation: big boobs = brainless). But the thing is I don't have the cartoon charater, Betty Boop's droolin' body to look like I'm dumb.


Ahh...Well...I've proven to him he's wrong now. And from that onwards, he has been telling people: "Fern is a Smart Girl, you know?" whenever there's a chance.

Free publicity. =)

and you know what? he's spreading the Truth. XD


saix_ysy said...

chin pianggg oh my godness! u this siao cha bo!!! keep on self-praising!! beh tonggggg! funny la u! aiyoyo

Chin Fern said...

I don't knwo why..But it is in my blood..hehe.

saix_ysy said...

hahahaha!! anyway keep it up! this is u! haha

dabizi said...

suddenly search diok ur blog in google !
omg... u r still lidat!
haha agree sai sai !
this is u!
haha..holiao lang lo!