Thursday, April 3, 2008

Skin Too thick.

Was having my public speaking 1st tutorial since the semester starts.

Since it was tutorial, the class was conducted in a rather different way. No usual computer-projector-notes kind of lecture. Instead Mr Mark, our lecturer, asked us to push the arranged tables to the side so that we could lay the chairs and sit in a circle. and It was an obvious senior vs junior counter. haha. (seniority by one semester, which is er, some short 3 months?? and 2 subjects. XD) The Jan 08 intake seniors formed a semi-circle, and the other part of it was by the March 08 intake juniors. Yea...the usual M'sian 'culture'. Cant help it.

We did some discussion between the lecturer and students. Then Mr Mark used me as an example of being so soft n sweet n shy in front of the crowd and talking with my petite voice. (Cant picture the big ME being that =S I am the totally opposite XD ahh..) and my instant LOUD response was :Don't use me as an example, I wont do that! (Cos i really won't??!) Haha.
And after that my mates were telling people: Fern scolded Mr Mark! -.-
Nah, I wasnt angry. It was just an instant response! Hah!

Then Mr Markwanted us to have our first introductory speech. We were asked to talk about: introducing yourself, what do we want to achieve in KDU, and our dreams. Fine! haha. Easy job for me.

It started off with ..(oops..I cant remember!) My memory's failing me. LOL. Anyway I was no.10 in the class list. 10! such coincidence! I was exclaiming: OMG! I cant believe that. It's my birthdate. and it's in April! *hint hint* then exciting my way off. -.- my mates were like: Yea, like we care! Ahhh...what good mates.

(Here's when the skin-thicking process commence...)

"Good afternoon everybody, my name is Fern. Erm, actually is Tan Chin Fern, but u can call me Fern. (why on earth did i say this??!) -.- I am here in KDU is because I want to study Mass Comm obviously..........da da da...........I like Mass Comm because I love to talk and since I can talk when not make full use of my talking ability?" (A HUMONGOUS laugh followed). wahahahahahahaha.
and all the members of the audience burst into laughters. There was a voice shouting: we were all waiting for this la wei...*continues with his laughing* I tried to calm myself down first cos I was supposed to have a hand on handling crowd since I am talking in front. LOL. I was trying to explain the reason for my sudden outburst was because my lec were swaying his way on his chair while I was talking and it looked really funny. The reason for it probably because I was swaying too much myself while talking and he was trying to imitate me. -.- then I tried to continue...

"And ya my greatest dream is to become a singer. I love to sing. I love music. Performing is my passion so why not taking it as my job and using it to earn money? "

Member of the floor: So you not only can talk la, you can also sing la?

"Ya ya, I'm multi-talented!"

GOODNESS GRACIOUS! WHY ON EARTH DID I SAY THAT??! I mean I know that the usual me *LOL* but why in front of the crowd and my really talented lecturer?? Woosh...

Mr Mark: Ok, Fern! Enough! Get back to your seat! *LOL*
I believe he cant take in anymore of my 'thick-skinness'. Sorry, Mr Mark..XP

Thats why I named this post Skin Too Thick. =)

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-.- what la-.- wanna leave a comment as an anonymous user also cannot, the chat box is too crowded so i kacau you here. Nice to see you blogging too. Keep it up !!