Monday, September 8, 2008

Couldn't catch my breath going for more holidays!

This is a, I think, a 4 weeks late post but nevermind. Still, for your reading pleasure. =)

Rewind your memory back to when I was on holiday in Langkawi.

Right after I disembark from my Langkawi ferry at Kuala Kedah, I went straight to Alor Setar bus terminal to take a bus to Genting, to join my family for a family trip.
I been through some minor chaos before I finally settled down on the bus and have everything arranged nicely. Because there's no flexible-timed direct bus from Alor Setar to Genting.

And I reached Genting at about 10.30pm, and that's finally when my dad got his 'peace' of mind. Special thanks to Calvin and of course Christopher too for my safe and sound arrival.
My counsin and my niece joined us for this trip. And bringing along a kid on holiday, brought along some different mother-like experience, because you have to take care of her, and certainly more fun and hassle too! XD

Genting Highlands however is still Genting Highlands. Besides casino-ing, arcade-ing and theme parks-ing, it is still, casino-ing, arcade-ing and theme parks-ing.

Is just that this time around I had to play Kiddie Rides.

And be taken photos by an 8-year-old photographer.

The black shadow is my black camera strip that she didnt even realise!

After we bid good-bye the hills, off we went to A'Famosa Resort, located at the northern region of Malacca.

Then we rush off to the Safari Park for the first animal show: Elephants that make your jaw-drop.

They stand on two like humans do.

They paint, probably better than you do.
They cycle made-for-elephants bicycle.
They carry people up with their trunks;
and make them thrill.
BUT..they sometimes make them scare too.

They play football. Perhaps better than Beckham's balls. No, I mean ball.
And dunk basketball with their trunk.

Enough of games. Now let's welcome our very special appearance from Thailand to A'Famosa Safari park , Princess Singnongkhram TanaChini Feranaphoon.

She is here this time to bring us a bright dazzling smile of hers to let you feel the sunshine of Thailand with her two beloved specially transported over precious paint-fading-trunk elephants.

No la. The trunks was naturally like that.

Ok. I swear I was holding on to the two elephant trunks as tight as I can. I was so suprised and excited when I was picked by the elephant-trainers and I kept wondering what was I going to do.

And haha, I got to ride on the two entwined trunks. Hehe. Thank You elephants!

What more do you think elephants can do?

This is Ah Moi. She's has acquired a special skill with her trunk.

She specialises in

Traditional Thai Massage. And she definitely has more than enough strength than you think she has to make you 'relax'.

But she especially likes human's lower body.

Note: She's a female.

And now, see where she hits.

Yes, right there at the gentleman's you-know-where. .

Females do get horny too. Forgive her.

He could have been enjoying. Or NOT. Eh, after it's an elephant ok!

It was definitely one of the best and most entertaining elephant shows I have witnessed. =)

At A'Famosa Resort Safari, they have a wishing well. So I made a wish..

I wish..I wish..I wish..

...erm...I wish I can meet hot guys!

And I ended up having this two male rabbits jumping on me. Ahh..!

I also wish wish wish...

I wish I can be the most beautiful lady on earth..!

But then half way through, I met this male being that is more attractive than I am.

Shit. Not fair.

What happen to my wishes? I asked too much?

Ok. Sorry. Next time I'll be more moderate on my wishes and be contented with what I have now. =)

It's really interesting over at A'Famosa Safari park. Besides Elephant show and Multi-Animal show, where they have dogs, monkeys, mice, cats etc to perform for you, they also have their Bird show.

They actually train their cockatoos to recognise RM10 note. To prove this to the audience, the facilitator asked audiences to raise their hand high up holding a RM10 note and the birdie will fly to you and pick it from you.

Foolishly impressed, there goes your RM10. Haha. Actually it was really another jaw-dropping show, I mean even a 3-year-old Malaysian kid might not even know how does a RM10 note look like.

In return, you are given a painting painted by the parrots as a souvenier.

This time around, some prominent figure from Thailand made their presence in A'Famosa Safari park. I heard he is a popular Thai star from the royal family. After the end of the show, some birds on show are available for free photographs.

But this Thai star is hotter for photographs than the birds.

A lot of girls were craving to take a photo with him. So I purposely don't want. I took a photo with the handsome eagle and the caretaker instead.

There is another place that I like most in A'Famosa Safari park - The Chicken House.

It is like a mini zoo of assorted species of chickens. I always can't help being over-excited when I see the little things staying in there.

The yellow little chicks!

They super duper cute. Super duper uber cute.

They were placed at a higher platform in a very huge transparent cubical. And we can actually go in and play around with them. =)

I like these 2 photos. (above and below)
The Happiness, innocence, carefree of a kid being able to play with the little chicks.

They are so irresistably cute that I don't want to leave the place. And I hope they don't grow up. Haha.

For the next stop, we went to the Wild Wild West show. It was really awesome. The actors are good and hilarious. I can't compare them with the authentic Western version of Wild Wild West as I have not seen them. But these actors definitely gave a wonderful show professionally and entertainingly, I believe they are at par internationally.

I like A'Famosa Resort. That was my second time there but I still had as much fun as I did for my first time 3 years back. Although there were not much suprises as compared to my first visit, but I definitely did enjoy myself to the max.

Genting after Langkawi, continuos holiday fun.

Malacca after Genting, endless holiday trip!

Then, you know what?

Back to college.
Now you can bring your memory back to reality. Back to college people! No more holidays!


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