Sunday, August 31, 2008

KDU Ball 2008 - Silver Memoirs / KDU Idol Finale

Now, finally it's up.

I did mention the Ball nite of KDU is also the finals of KDU Idol. (which I already won the title XD)

On that day, stage crews, performers and finalists have to reached 3 hours earlier for all the preparation, basically for: hair-do by Hair Impression Academy and make-up by Mary Kate.

Nothing much was being done onto my hair. The hairstylist after seeing our rehersal on the day before said that if I let my hair down, I'll look better for the whole image. Sexier, in another words, because i can fling my hair.

So, what he did was: straightened my hair and sprayed some excessive amount of gold and silver colour onto my thick black hair.

The end-result.

When the clock nearly strucked 8 at night, the event started with a blasting opening dance from our very own KDU Dance Club.

I didnt really know how everything went on as I was at backstage most of the time to get myself prepared.

(And to take some pictures)

KDU Idol finalists.
From left, Jeffrey, MC, Ben Kwang Lin, Kid, Fern and Joyce

Cheerie. 'Sexy-ness' steaming inside out, outside in. Till I can't resist. XD

Joe. Opening dance Mastermind. Young & Talented. =)

But I'm sure there are speeches all around before the dinner was officially served.

Then, it was the band, 5 months to December, to perform some English popular hits.

I like their band name. 5 months to December. They crowd certainly like their performance too.

And before I realised, the competition started. It was Jeffrey's turn to sing his choice of a Malay song. He was the first one to go.

Next up, Kwang Lin. Belting out David Tao's "ai hen jian dan" with his impressive fancy falsetto.

The 3rd to go, was my new-found good friend, Mr Kid. He danced his way to make the crowd screamed with his dance fusion of poppin', hip hop and some other styles which I don't know.

He's a very good self-learnt dancer. When I first saw him during rehersals, my jaw dropped terribly. I swear I was intimidated and I had the thought of quitting KDU Idol competition. Haha.

But in the end...I....W.....*ahem* ahem* Yes, anyway, Next up!

Benignus Cheah who connected well with his audience with 'When you say nothing at all' with his story of when you first, met your love...fuyoh!

Now let's welcome the next contestant, none other than,

Tan Chin Fern aka Fern =)

"Other dancers maybe on the floor, Dear but my eyes will see only You. Only You have that magic technique, when we sway I go weak.."

~ Sway ~
by the Pussycat Dolls.

I did also say it was going to a breakthrough for me this time. My very first time doing something I have never tired before.

A partner dance.

And it was fun!

And awesomely done. I love it!

My dance partner, Jerry.
Thank you very much.
Without that partner dance, I don't think my performance will stand out that much. =)
I really appreciate it. Really do.

Continuing with some endless goodness is the next dancer, MC.

He did some outrageous Michael Jackson's signature move. (as shown above. Haha)

He also added spices in his performance with a spoof version of a lady and another real version of a hot lady. He was the night's crowd favourite with loudest cheers and the euphoria. Good job done indeed.

The last to impress the audience was Joyce, the other only female contestant beside myself.

She sang out a 'hard-core' vocal challeging chinese song, 'hui jia' and Well done. =)

All contestants had struted their stuff and done their very best.

Before results were out, all finalists and performers thank everybody's attendance with a closing dance together, which we have practised for sometime.
And then, it was up for the moment of truth. The announcement of results.

Yes, you know I won. No more further elaboration.

But if you want to see my prizes.
A Guess watch

I tried on...

And although I like it, I thought it suits my dad more.
So I presented it to him since his was taken away when my house was burglared.

And RM100 coffee bean voucher.

And of course they main attraction, the crystal trophy.

Let me introduce you the other final two. They ought to receive some credits for their awesome-ness on stage. =)


Then the rest to be acknowledged are: stage crews, performers, coordinators and planners.
Splendid night by their splendid effort.

And some other incidents that happened aftermath.

I kissed my trophy too hard whenever I see it.

Kid, actually attempted to snatch away my trophy from me.

And I realised he was way stronger than me that I had to succumb to his request. NOT.

Ok, stop being so nice Jeffrey. I'm not going to give up my trophy just because you want to take photo with me to make me feel like a star.

Ok. enough. Haha.
Sorry people, no video yet for now. It needs some processing before I can show you and it might actually take 'some' time. I can't wait to post it up, but circumstances doesnt allow. My sincerest apologies.
And, video, I hope to see you soon!
Photo credits to JessT. Sorry for taking it before asking! =S

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