Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My sister is Getting Married!

So FUN! I get to be the BIG BOSS, saying yes or no to everything! HAH!

Such dominating younger sister.

From visiting bridal houses, choosing the best bridal dresses, getting the best deals, to driving her around for food when she was back from Johor. Part of my holiday was dedicated specially to her.

She is my one and only dearest sister.. What to do? =)


While being 'bossy' about her wedding, the part that I enjoyed most, was to the visits to bridal houses.

I mean, obviously, we are as girl-ly as girls can be, we love beautiful dresses. We love gorgeous wedding gowns that make us look gorgeous.

P.S Please. That did not urge me to get married fast ok. Since I look gorgeous in..anything..XD So doesn't matter. Oops..! I mean almost anything!

We went to try on wedding gowns at our hired shop to choose the most suitable ones.No, I mean, SHE went to try, I only gave comments.



Yes, inhale and suck it in baby.


And...I had to stop right here.

Reason being:

My house was broken into and my deary laptop containing all my photos for this post was stolen away by the stupid dumb-est dumb dumb dumb burglar!
I've even editted and compiled nicely the photos I've taken on the gowns my sister wore to put in on my blog. Now they have gone.


I was happily choosing my prom dress when Mum received the call from Dad saying that our house had been buglared!

Hearing the conversation from Mum's side, my jaw dropped.

This time not because I'm impressed. I was in utter shock.

How could that just happened!

The first thing that went through my mind was: SHITTT! my photos in my laptop!

Yes, I am too peculiar I know. But think of this: as long as you have the money, you can buy whatever laptops and earn back your whatever cash one day, is just the matter of sooner or later. But photos, where can you buy photos that actually freezed all the wonderful memories in a rectanglar sized image? Those where you had you biggest and widest smile although standing in front of a smelly junk site? And those that your friends cheekily had your stupidest-ever looking face captured? You can't use money to buy these back, can you?
Besides that I've also put some other valuables in obvious places. The thought of losing all of them really saddened me and I creid so loud in the mall that an uncle actually asked me: 'Miss, why do you cry so loud? Are you having a headache?'
Me and sister were really emotionally unstable at some instance and amazingly our parents were very cool and calm. They didnt think it was such a big deal and things that had to happen has to happen. We will just have to be more careful on the doors and windows everytime we go out.
and Btw the dumb dumb dumb dumb burglar came in through my unlock room window which is at the second floor of my terrace house. So never underestimate their agililty like the monkey, they could climb up the roof as well as the monkeys can climb up trees.
Cases like these are getting common, so when you build you house, ask the construtor to use a old steel to make the roof la, the dumb dumb burglars can fall ma when the climb, rite? -.-


Joan said...

omg...u house was broken into? damn those burglars.karma will take it place.don't you worry. gotta be extra careful next time oh

Chin Fern said...

Hee! Yes! Karma! Thanks. I'll be extra careful. My family are taking all the safety measures already. Hah!