Friday, August 22, 2008

KDU Idol Craze # 4

The Day has came. The Day is today.

Or better to be know as KDU Prom. Easier. Hah.

At the same time, it's the final stand for the KDU Idol.

The finale after a long month since its audition.

All the finalists went through some hard work.

From the audition to semi-final, went through some photoshoots, our twice-weekly dance practices, until now the Final.

Besides that, I'm sure we went through some hectic time, balancing our own schdule with KDU Idol's routine. Also, spending lots of time searching for the most suitable 'battle song' and scouting for the best dress on-stage.

I don't know about others, but, I myself went through all that to come to today, all-prepared.

Rehersal was yesterday.

I realised the competition was tight. Very tight indeed. Everybody was equally excellent in their own ways.

I am going to sing Sway by the Pussycat Dolls. (Sexy sizzling hot eh?) And I added something special in it. Not anymore a one-man show. Something which I think definitely stir up the crowd. Something I do for the very first time.

Not gonna reveal now. Shall remain a suspense till I show you my performance video after tonight. =)

I'm not sure about my standing in the competition. Judges sometimes practise favouritism, no doubt about it. They might not like me. But I personally give myself a 100% for my breakthrough performance.

I was really Confident of my thing before rehersals yesterday. But witnessing how good others are, portray a threat.

Yet, I stay positive. I know I am going to do my best of very best. I'm gonna give a 101% in this very show.

So..people wish me luck. For those who are gonna see me tonight, keep yourself anticipated. For those who can't make it for tonight, I say sorry for missing out a good show XD but don't worry, watch my video that I would be recording. And for my competitors, Watch Out!!

All the best Fern!

Stay tune. =)

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