Monday, October 6, 2008

Yes, One life, Do something.

The results for my mid-term exam was out today.

The outcome was not pleasing at all. It makes me ponder over...

What happened?

And then I suddenly saw the t-shirt one of my classmates was wearing:

Yes. One Life. DO SOMETHING!

Gosh. We only have one life to go through the stages of life, from primary school to secondary school, to college, to university and life goes on..and on and on.

Here's the catch: They never turn back. History never repeats to let you undo what have been done.

The time machine like what you watch in the cinemas, does not exist.

So, I know. I know what makes the results I have today. I have, one life, one stage of college life, either I make wonders out of it or I just.. screw it.

So, I decided to do something: Walk it off with honours. Only once in a lifetime, will I be in a college, doing the diploma of my life, so I know, figures will change when it comes to my final examination.

Kick my ass off, as I school my brains off. =)

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