Friday, July 31, 2009

Torn between two lovers

Holiday has been greeeat! Not like I have been any for an adventurous 'runaway' nor am I planning one. At least, I am not living life out of boredom and I seem to have quite some things to do.

Anyway, I am still running kinda often. I still love running very much. But I have one worry.

A worry that I think most females are very concern and critical about.

My thighs! I think my thighs are seriously getting chunkier because of that, as in because I run kinda too much.

I don't want have such chunky muscular thighs, at the same time, I can't quit running. I love both of them: I love having sleeky legs (which is a bit impossible, but at least not so chunky) and I love running.

BUT, if I run so frequently, I would not have my 'sleeky' legs; and if I want to have the sleeky legs, I would miss running badly. ARGH. Seriously, why am I born with slightly bigger thighs in the first place.


I think I will just continue to run and pray hard everyday that my thighs will not grow any bigger and at the same time, tone and shape up.

Please please please dear God please help me. You've made it possible for other female athletes, to have that hot pair of legs, why not me? :)

Anyway, I was at a Nike store few days ago and I found this super duper cool T-shirt that i'm so 'connected' with! So I wanna share my joy and excitement of the T-shirt here.

The T-shirt from Nike

I haven't met a boy I couldn't beat.

Not that I really mean it. Haha. I'm not that yeng yet. Hoho.

But I really really like this T-shirt! Seriously crazily and I'm not exaggerating. But due to the 'over-pricing' of all Nike's products, I decided not to splurge on this. But then I SERIOUSLY LIKE IT.

Buy for me if you want to make my day. hahahhahahahahhaha.

Okay. Insanity strikes.


Cindy said...

you can try to solve thighs problem by doing really alot warm up and cool down exercises.

Before sleeping, do a little stretching. It will help loosen the muscles, keeping it not too pack and bulky:)

imin said...

omg the tee shirt is so so cute!

Chin Fern said...

Thanks for the tips Cindy! :) God really came to save me FINALLY. hahahahhahaha. i don't mean you are the God, but he somehow sent you la. hehe. thanks again!

Hello Imin! Yes! I know right! Haha. I super duper like it. hoho.

Des said... one's perfect and no one can have everything. Just be happy you can do what you love. Its the simple things in life that make a big difference.

See you at the gardens.

Chin Fern said...

I do appreciate what I have. Is just that I still do wish to have the best of both worlds, sometimes. Hehe. Anyway, yes, okay, I'll just stay happy with something I can do and I love to do.

Thanks. :) See you!