Sunday, July 12, 2009


The past week was crazzzzily hectic.

Monday and Tuesday: Live Radio Show (Oh! It was fun. I'll blog about it one day, hopefully I can allocate time soon!)

Tuesday: Submission for Copywriting project (plus lots of last minute work, advertisement design wasn't even done yet.)

Thursday: Photography project submission, vocal class, piano class then dance class. (3 classes in one day, crazy shit)

Friday: Copywriting presentation in the morning. Off to KL by bus right after for a seminar.

(Oh, Yes, AGAIN, me and my seminar-ssss. Ask my mum why I go to so many seminars. I have one more actually lining up this weekend in Singapore and I'll reach Penang only a few hours before my final exam time. I will take it if you are gonna give me your salutation cos I was planning to give myself a salutation too.)

Friday and Saturday: Options Trading seminar in KL (and major information overload till the information spilt and flow away from me already. =S )

Sunday: Reached Penang 12.15am and can finally take a rest, to chill, to take a breathe, to walk around Gurney with my awesome family and to write a blog post.

Seriously, it was some insane piece of timetable.

I was so so so tired on my first day of the seminar that I spent half of my time struggling to stay awake and look as if I was attentively listening to the speaker while staring downwards my note pad.



Sleepy scribbles. Tell me if you know what I wrote, cos I don't. =S

As I said, major information overload, I probably forgot or don't understand like 50% of the things I learned. Gees. Plus I was lethargic and did not have enough sleep for the entire week, how do you expect me to stay wide awake? Grrr.

And for that I feel very embarrassed everytime I had to meet eye-to-eye with the speaker. I mean I know I am not the only sleepy person in the room, nor the person he would remember who fell asleep, but I just feel so bad that I tried to avoid looking at the speakers and facilitators everytime I was moving around.

Silly shit.

Before I went back on Saturday night, I went to eat my favourite tai lok mee over at Chi Cheong Kai/Petaling Street.

Last time when I was younger and had shorter hair, as I was bulldozing my way between the crowded crampy goodies stalls, I would hear people touting: xiao jie, yao mai yi fu/bag/shou piao ma? (Miss, do you want to buy clothes/bags/ watches?)

Sometimes, I would even get like: mei nv/leng lui, lai kan kan yi fu/bag/shou piao. (Hey pretty, come take a look at the clothes/bags/watches.)

But this time around, I heard people saying: Jeje, yao mai yi fu ma? (Sister, do you want to buy some clothes?) [Sister here is not as the sister you think. Hard to explain.]

Jeje? Argh. Hello! Where did the xiao jie, mei nv, leng lui go? Damm it.

Or probably the signs of ageing. Argh.

P.S I'm supposed to take some photos to go along with this post so it doesn't look all wordy and mundane. But it's either I was in a rush or I didn't remember to take at that time. Gees. Sorry. Forgive me. Bare with the wordy post a bit la hah.

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