Monday, September 21, 2009

Tomorrow! :)

I'm back updating this blog. :D

Please tell me you are happy and glad I FINALLY do so.

A lot of past events happen that I will try to blog about soon.

Soon. Haha. I think you roughly know how to gauge my definition of 'Soon' by now, right? :P

Anyway, other things aside, G-Clique is having a longed for all-6 reunion after like nearly a year and a half of separation. Previously, we met in fours or threes or most of the time twos.

Tomorrow marks a big day for us! Cos it could be the only all-6 reunion in 3 to 4 years time, cos everybody will be at other parts of the world for their studies, and not all will come back at the same time.

So I really look forward to it and I can't wait! :D

I excitedly coloured my nails red for the big day tomorrow.


Not diggin' what I am talking about? Click here. :) They are my lovely matesssss from high school.

I love them like shit.

I mean not like shit, but like flower, aiya whatever la, shit is what i always us for 'excessive-ness'. So when I say you are beautiful like shit means you are really really beautiful; handsome like shit means you are really handsome, geddit? :DD

Now I am thinking what should I wearrrr. Hmmmmm.

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