Thursday, December 4, 2008

I'll be Off to S'pore again!

Oh yeah...uh-huh, uh-huh. Yee~HA!

Hmm..That sounds something like the exam is over??! Oh bloody hell yeah!

I don't know. This time it seems that my performance is deteriorating. For every paper that I come out from the exam hall, I have the feeling of: "May God Just Bless Me. I wrote all I could."

Today is Thursday and I am so glad with Thursday because it is my last day for my exam and entire 3rd semester in college. Time really flies.

And right after exams, I'm running off to S'pore already. Shh..This is my secret plan that I have been planning before my exam. Don't tell my parents.

OMG. Lame.

Anyway, yes, I'm going off to S'pore again! To meet my friends, just like a month ago. I sound like a spoiled child, spending the bus fare, the lost in exchange rates, just to meet my friends in another country just across the sea.

But they are no ordinary friends, they are my Warrior mates from the camp. It's a treasure to have such bond in 5 days. We went through life and death together and tomorrow we are reuniting our spirits again.

I think as times go, it won't be unusual for me to say that I'm going S'pore AGAIN.

(Don't worry, I'll updating my blog when I'm there still. Don't forget to scroll down to check out the post about my sister's wedding. Apologies for the late one. =D)

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