Saturday, December 20, 2008

Singapore Getaway # Day 1

My trip to Singapore was a magnificent getaway right after my final exam. It was as if I never had any exam the day before.

My bus trip from Penang to S'pore actually took a long 14 hours. As all direct buses were fully taken, I had to transit at KL, and in the fear of not being able to get a bus ticket over to there. All in all, it was a havoc journey. I even thought I left my handphone at home, and had to borrow a phone from a stranger in the bus to contact my mum and my friend at S'pore, how foolish. But at the end, when I opened my luggage when I'm in S'pore, I realised...

"EIII, my handphone is actually inside my lugagge!"

Haha. You can slap me.

The whole world was so worried about me. (Ok, I'm exaggerating.) I received 34 missed calls and 10 msges. Buahahaha.

The next morning, I headed down to East Coast Park for a day of "Roller-blading, Cycling, Eating, Hearts-connecting and Yapping" with my fellow warrior mates.

First stop was to McDonald's for breakfast.

And they made me sing 'Sway' in the restaurant and I did. Not like we didn't have enough stares from the people in there because of our uniformity and noise. They are mad people. Hohoho.

I was doubtful to do it at first. Not like I never sing or dance or do stupid things in front of public, but not with everybody giving me full stares and attention when I do it. But I did it anyway. AHO!

After the hearty breakfast from McD (plus some 'mild' sultry dance moves from Sway), it's time for some Roller Blading!

It's about 10years since I last roller blade. I have a pair of this equipment at home, but I never use it after the craze was over 9 years ago.

When I wore it, I felt funny. I have a pair of roller legs and I suddenly don't know how to walk! The path from the rent shop towards the blading lane was kinda steep, it was even harder for me recall my knowledge and skill in making my first 'roll' in roller blading.

After some 'turn & roll', I managed to get back the hang of it and bladed like there's no tomorrow..

At the same time, roll and tumble and topple..

And fall myself on my knee!

It doesn't look as disgusting here. But this wound won't dry up until a week later.

I bladed for 3 hours straight. It's crazily tiring going almost-almost the whole stretch of East Coast Park to and fro.

So we decided to give each other a massage.

Because it rained all of a sudden, we continued our day at the bowling ring.

And some of my crazy friends decided to give it a try playing bowling with roller blades, they never die before ma.

Then I realised I seriously suck in bowling.

Look out for the least score, that have to be my game.

After such a long day, we went to Bugis to have steamboat for dinner. The shop is a very compact place. You have to squeeze through every slight space possible to get to your seat, but you have every food for steamboat under one roof.

Shan-shan, despite being the tiniest size among us, had the greatest gut. She stood up on the chair, all of a sudden, to get a standing ovation from us. Siao eh. But of course we gave her the most thunderous applause that could ever fit into a small shop like that.

The night wrapped up with the decision of going to one of the clubs over at Clark Quay. Hoho. You'd probably guess we give each other goodbye hugs and then head back home and sleep. It's only 11pm at that time and the night is still very young!

It's my just my 2nd time to a club and 1st time on the dance floor. And I had bad experience because I was too inexperience. And argh, I don't even want to think about it. Haha.

Anyhow, take a look at the photo of the day!

The legendary bedtime story's character: Jack and the Beanstalk.

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