Friday, December 12, 2008


While I went to run some task for my mum this morning, I took a break over at the mall to window shop for shoes.

I went back to the same shop that I always frequent and remembered they once have a pair of flats that I so loveeeee but at the end didn't buy cos it didn't match my shoe-purpose at that point of time and my mum would only buy ONE pair for me. So I got to forgo.

I excitedly asked the sales person about the flats and he brought me the largest size available.

Only a stupid size too small.

Ok, make it two.

Two sizes smaller!!! Grrr.

I want the flats!! Especially the fury fury balls balls! And it's so much cheaper than last time that I will not even think twice to buy it.

The sales person is helpless. I felt helpless. No one can help me, because my feet are too bloody big. Hehe.

Why are my feet so long??

P.S I'm working on the wedding post. Don't hate me.

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