Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hello 2009!

Happy New Year!

It's the arrival of a brand new year, filled with

+joy, aspirations, abundance, new mission, and wonderful undertakings+


It's the time for us to move forward, to outdo ourselves, to breakthrough, to form new chapters in life.

2008 had been amazing for me. I've gone through things that I've never gone through.

It was a year where:

1. I first stepped in to a new studying environment in college, and experienced some kind of a culture shock listening to so much 'F***' from people everyday, everywhere.

2. I attended a lot of seminars, upgrading myself step from step, day by day. Thanks my mum for funding me all the way through.

3. I had my favourite pair of earrings as my surprise birthday gift.

4. Went for a model search photo shoot and obviously didn't get through.

5. G-clique farewell-cum-reunion altogether.

6. Hopped on to join 8TV's ultimate Prom Nite contest, and made it till the online voting round.

6. And found another person with the same name as I DO!!! OMG. Just different surname.

And in the SAME COLLEGE. IT'S UNDER ONE ROOF. Alamak. I thought my name was unique. But heck, it still is.

7. Became a one-minute-Siamese-Royalty as I sat on two elephant trunks being carried around! Hoho.

7. Join college's talent search competition, passed the audition round, went into semi-finals, fought through finals and won the title of KDU Idol.

7. Receiving harsh comments from people about my winning in my blog and I realised I was able to handle and accept the situation whole-heartedly. And I have more supporters and lovers then the stupid haters. And I don't give a damm about what they think about me. Lalala. Man, I'm tough! Haha.

8. Being spotted in Lost World of Tambun during a field trip down there to be model for some photographers for a photography competition.

9. Found wonderful mates in college.

Esther Tee dan Veen Dee Tan Veen Dee

10. Found another wonderful friend.

11. For the very 1st time in my entire life, I dare to disguise myself into an Evil Nurse during the Halloween party.

12. My sister got married and I was her bridesmaid. Wore pretty pretty. Hohoho.

13. Last but not least, one of the most wonderful things that happened is that I attended the Enlightened Warrior Training Camp. Words cannot describe how grateful I am to have been to this life-transforming camp and all the friendship bonds formed, they worth a fortune.

Thank You Mum for sending me there!

14. Wait one more. Just found the Love of my life recently.

Sorry I'm already already taken...! By a dog. A super duper cute dog named Money.

2008 can never be as interesting as it would be and 2009 will be another adventure of my life.

I've made my new year resolution even before 2009 kicks in:

1. Sing more
2. Dance more
3. Learn more
4. Cashflow more
5. Excel more
6. Love more
7. More, more, MORE...!!!

I'm not greedy. I'm just upgrading. =)

Let's see how many ticks can I have by the end of the year.

For now,

HELLO 2009! Welcome to my life!


manson_loh said...

Gambateh with your new year's sing more and dance more is not a problem for you.. lol..

Mable said...

Wow..I'm impressed.Very good resolution.Haha.All the best to you dear.*hugs*

Chin Fern said...

Manson: Thanks! Hmm..I have night dance this new semester, four days a week! I can't go to dance classes already. Damm!

Mable: Impressed? How come it sounds sarcastic?! Hahah. Whether it is or not, Thanks a lot!!! *hugs*

liow yingtian said...

That's meeee earings!!! hahaha =D