Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Singapore Getaway # Day 2

Let me continue with my long-ago S'pore trip back in December 08..Oh Gosh, so outdated. Sorry!

The day drizzled a bit when we woke up in the morning. Me and Leah are all packed to set out to Siloso Beach, Sentosa for a fun day out.

At the same time, we prayed that the teeny weeny rain would stop entirely and the weather would smile brightly again. (Like my million-dolar-smile. =DDDDD)

However, I was still very blown away by the flabbergasting stories I heard from Leah. I just couldn't imagine me being her. Couldn't, no hell way. Oh GOSH.

It's still drizzling when we reached Siloso Beach. But we wouldn't and couldn't care much, it's just too stupid to try to shelter ourselves from the rain when we have came so far to play our hearts out!

We played a volley ball game of 5. And having our single-arm Warrior, Gary (or how we call him 杨过), to play with us, was just truly inspiring.

As we got more energetic and enthusiastic about the game, the ball started to roll further. I didn't want the ball to roll down from the slope and down into the waters, so I ran as fast as I could to grab it. Just when I wanted to turn back for the game after I got the ball in the middle of the slope on the beach, I saw my bunch of friends walking towards me, with a sinister gaze and a the grin I only see in the Joker character of the movie Dark Knight.

I can sense the danger coming.

Before I could flee, Leah grabbed me from the top and Geoff lifted me up on my legs and..1..2..3 SPLASH!

The yellow guy is not Geoff. This photo is just a fake role-play photo. But they ended up throwing me into the sea for the 2nd time.

I know you know that I ended in the sea. Obviously.

Since I'm wet, everybody decided to jump into the sea together. Gary didn't bring any extra clothes with him, so he didn't want to get wet. But at the end, we managed to persuade both Gary and Geoff to swim with just their underwear.


Gary's underwear somemore is white in colour. OMG.

I know right. It gets semi-transparent in contact with water. Hoi, don't drool. =P

And he got this two 'supermodel' to pose with. Lucky guy. Damm.

But but but, at least, I get to be their own idea of FHM Cover Model.

Please don't slap me. or Throw me rotten eggs. You throw at them. They say one. =D

Our stomachs then growled like mad after our swim and crazy games in the sea. In one of the games, my penalty was to run to a couple that are taking photos, offer them my help in taking their photo, and when they got ready for the snap, turn the camera and take a shot of myself and run away after returning the camera to them.

Siao eh. I was so so reluctant. This is so evil plus embarrassing ok! But in the end I still did it, but minus the 'take a shot of myself and run away' part. I took one for them before I ran away. Hope they remember my face forever! =P

Anyway, dinner time. Yummy yum yum. Hungry stomachs were heard roaring.

We had dim sum dinner at Geylang. I can't help it but kept looking out for chics. As in chic-kens, as in prostitutes. Woohoo.

As always, our nights are forever young, we continued our night at Z-Zang's place for a game of CashFlow.

It's super addictive! You are addicted to get rich, to get wealthy, to get..omg..damm rich and wealthy!

Getting out of the Rat Race (the circle), and jump onto the fast track and buy up your own dream! After that, you can everyday shake leg, watch people racing like a rat. -.-

Now, I'd love to be in the position that I can shake leg everyday, and I don't care people race like a rat or a cat.

Oh yeah!

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