Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What? Vintage is back? Again?

My mum came back from Johor last weekend and she brought back tonnes of CHINESE NEW YEAR CLOTHES for me! =DDD

But somehow, most of the blouses and dresses she bought brought back all the vintage fashion to my wardrobe.

I asked her: "Why all Vintage clothes?"

She answered me: "Because it's in the fashion now, you don't know?"

I bought the wash-out jeans myself. I love it! Wee.
(This is how excited a girl would get over a pair of favourite jeans. -.-)

And then my funny dad said: "Because you are 古典美人 of course you have to wear Vintage." Walao. That's from my own dad ok. Woot woot.

(The above statement above shows my self-promoting. If not I won't write what my dad said about me right?)

CNY this year, probably came a bit too early. After celebrating the annual 25th of Dec Christmas Day, we immediately went into the enthusiasm of receiving the new 2009. Then in a swift, we Chinese, have to get prepared for our own Chinese New Year. I guess people tend to lose they mood to welcome any more festive season and celebration. It came too soon and there are too much to do.

First, you gotta keep up with your new year resolutions. Doing whatever you can to kick-start the year with a hit.

Then before anything could grow big, you already have to get yourself prepared for CNY. New year clothes, shoes, bags, accessories etc (Ok, fine. Those things are some of the things I can't do without for CNY. Hehe. Only apply to me la ok.) Then new year cookies, new year decorations, Tong Tong Chiang New Year Songs and most of all, Tong Tong Chiang CNY mood.

So that's why I only got my CNY clothes one week before CNY officially commences!

Behold: Snake-o-phobic must close your eyes!

And not forgetting my CNY shoes TOO! =)

Now, quickly kick own butt and get yourself immediately into the Chinese New Year mood. Before it's too late! Never miss out in this joyous season!

I can't wait!


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Phey Chien said...

everytime u leave me comments but i nv do that to u, so i'm doing it now. ur heels r really stylish but they are scary to me coz i hav snake phobia, lol. you took the photo so near that it shows all the snake texture, omg, tat's scary, i cannot imagine wearing snake on me. but then they r fake skin right ?