Saturday, January 10, 2009

Singapore Getaway # Day 3

I think you havn't got enough of Singapore so I don't care I'm gonna give you more. =P

Today is Fishing Day!

Is just that we don't fish fish, we fish prawns. -.-

Welcome to the Bishan Prawn Pond! (Note that I made up the place's name. Sorry. I know it's a bit lame. =S But Bishan is really the area we went. Hehe.)

My friends are gonna bring me to prawn-fishing today. I thought, hey, this would be much easier than fish-fishing, not like I've tried fish-fishing before, but at least prawn's brain are smaller! Ok, bring it on bay-beh!

So you have to pay money, choose the rod and get your bait, and START fishing. Oh, oh, I mean prawning!

It's priced at 30 SGD for 3 hrs, you get one rod and one saucer of bait and all the catch goes into your stomach. Good or good?

At first I thought it was easy, hell yeah, the prawns must be stupid. Don't they know they live in here for people to fish them up? (But of course not like they have a choice not to live in here...)

So I excitedly started off my fishing 'debut'. =D

Geoff has the most 'expertise' in this frolic. In just a few minutes time, he managed to hook up a middle-sized poor struggling prawn. Haha.

So I was more excited. I can't wait to hook up another guy! I mean another prawn. Gees.

But I never did. =(

I tried and tried. No prawn came to my line and I kept losing the bait. Dumb dumb.

I thought the prawns were dumb. Now I found out I am the one who is. Huhu.

I used all the technique I can that I learned from Geoff to whack the fella onto my trap. Nothing work. I guess is because even they managed to come near me, they all fainted because I'm too (something). Yeah, I reckon so.

So then I screamed for help, nearly two hours had passed, I don't want to be the only person who still got nothing, when Geoff , Darren and Leah got a few victims already. =(

Geoff then came to give me his 'words of wisdom' in this prawning thingy.

And woot! Mr Prawn was hooked!

Celebration of victory

I managed to get few others subsequently. Yeesh!

Btw, each and every one of the prawns has at least one pincer like this. So you need to pluck it out once you pull the fella out from the pond. If not it will 'ngiap' (clinch) onto your hand when you want to cook it and make ouch ouch ouch.

When 3 hours is already up, here's our catch of the day. =)

Approximately 28 prawns plus minus. Hoho.

Then it's time for the scrumptious prawnSSS meal.

First, wash the prawns with clean water.

Second, apply salt all over them for according to your own flavour.

Then, we need to poke the bamboo sticks into the prawns to barbecue it. YUM YUM.

And for your info, prawns don't do it from the front,

they prefer the backdoor. =D

Oh yes.

What I mean is, you poke the stick from the back so that it can be cooked easily and nicer to yum-yum! What are you thinking?

They don't die when you poke them, their tiny 'feets' are still marching madly. Not until they are cooked.

The boss of prawning place told us, to make sure the prawns taste yum, leave the prawns on the pit: left side 1 min, right side 1 min, bottom part 1 min and top part 2 mins. And then your prawns will be finger-licking-good!

And it's so damm true.

Fresh, succulent, salty sweetness and Mmmm...leaves you unforgettable!

And..That concludes my last day in Singapore. =)


liow yingtian said...

ooooh i see someone hahhaa
i see someone!

interesting prawning. haha.

Chin Fern said...

Shuush! Who who who? U mean Leah? Say yes say yes!!!!!!