Thursday, January 29, 2009

Gong Hei Fatt Choy!


Gong Hei Gong Hei!

(a lil' bit very late I know. But Chinese have the privilege of celebrating it for 15 long days anyway! =D )

OMG. How can a dog be so cute!!! Whose is this?

OF COURSE MINE LA. lei chui a?

I can enjoy her cuteness every single moment. Please don't be jealous.

Oops, sorry, topic diverted.

Shouldn't put the picture of my Money, people might mistaken this year is Year of Doggie. Aiya, sorry.


Is the Year of Ox. The moo moo Ox. So automatically, at the brink of the 1st day of Chinese New Year, my handphone message inbox kept singing its tune, rejoicing every new year messages that is received. And among all the other messages, I fancy one particular one the most:

"Let's charge like a bull,
Leave the bullshit behind,
Straight to the bull's eye,
Without bullying others!"

A Chinese New Year wish by my warrior friend, Roger.

I like how the word 'bull' (aka cow aka ox, whichever it is, they mean the same) is used and the meaning it portrays. I just couldn't agree more!

And the Year of Ox, for a Horsie like me, the many areas in life are predicted to be fairly good or I choose to believe, very good, in 2009. (Every year I also believe very good one la.)

Anyhow, not to be superstitious, but just as a reference, a brief analysis on your Horsie life 2009:

Career: Despite the many obstacles that you may encounter during work, there will be a strong Lucky Moon Star, that will show up to support and help you solve the problems of entanglement. So it's very good. No need to worry at all.

Money: This luck is still struggling. (But heck cares? They might not be true. Lalalalala.) Advice us not to expect windfall and since we cannot increase income, we have to cut our expense. So no more LV or Jimmy Choo, wear your Bata.

Love: There is a Love Star coming in 2009. That means you have a chance to meet someone you like. Both of you will produce the passion in love, (Hoho, really? We shall see. ;D ) but will not last long. (What is this? Hoho. Whatever.)

Health: The signs indicate illness, exhaustion, panic, fright or weakness coming to people. If you have poor health in 2008, your health won't have any improvement this year. Horse people must make sure have enough sleep during the night. (Big time hinting me!! This one I'll listen. Hehe.) Otherwise, they will have weak energy and weak resistance against the disease.

Fortune: In general, Horse people don't have a good luck in 2009, but their luck have significant improvement when comparing with 2008. Luckily, whenever you encounter the big difficulty, someone will appear to solve the problem for you. Therefore, you shouldn't give up anything when troubles come to challenge you.

Report ended.

Whatever it is, never be influenced or stucked with whatever it says. You make the luck and the difference towards your life, not all these Feng Shui Master that predict you your life. Of course, they will predict for you because it's their job, but you can choose not follow it and then make a colourful turn.

Chinese New Year is different at home this year. After my sister's marriage, she has to be at her husband's place. It's without her during Reunion dinner; no extra person to help my mum put in the money into the angpow; No more sister-bugging-me-up-from-bed early on the first day. I gotta entertain myself already. Gees.

No wait. Luckily I have my Money to entertain me!

my red nail polish to keep me busy with;

My handsome nephews;

And my funny dad that takes photos purposely with his eyes closed.

Can he be less funnier than that? Aiyoyo.

More about Chinese New Year in later posts! =D

I like Gong Xi Fa Cai Chinese New Year!

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