Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy CNY: Kiddy-overdose

I see a lot of bloggers blog about how sad and boring their Chinese New Year is. Hello, where did all the fun go? Nevermind, let me spread the happiness. =)

As Chinese New Year is always the season for get-togethers, I spent quite some time with my nieces and nephews this year.

I never really like kids before. I think they are unreasonable and noisy. Annoys the hell out of me. But there's one lil' kid that changes my whole perspective towards these innocent ever-happy-go-lucky beings.

She is my niece, Queenie. A real sweetheart.

She has grown to be a 9-year-old primary school kid now. But still a darling. ;)

A week before CNY, I was shopping in Gurney Plaza with Lee Phey Chien, and coincidentally there were a bunch of kids from a kindergarten performing on the stage at the main atrium. I couldn't help screaming looking at the adorable and pinchable kids, like I'm seeing Jay Chou. They way the sing and sway like they own the world, made me smile and laugh from eye to eye. I realise a few parents kept turning round, and giving me that stare with each excitement I made.

Lee Phey Chien couldn't help laughing at my behaviour. She told me I've changed.

I frantically clarify my fancy towards kids and lalalalala. She kept me mouth-shut with a simple sentence: It's a good change, ok?

Hehe. Ok.
The expression of the blue shirt boy! If he's a grown up guy, I might faint of charm overdose.

My youngest niece. I helped name her!

Her hobby is sucking. Sucking thumb. Sucking her own thumb. Sucking her own left thumb.

While everybody else is so into the CNY gambling, the beautiful aunty didn't want to play so their parents assigned her to bring them to the playground.

See? I told you can faint of the charm overdose.

(I hope he stays this way forever because usually beautiful kids won't stay beautiful after they reach teenage and subsequently adulthood; and is the other way round for not-so-good-looking kids. This is proven fact because I am so very the super duper ugly that people tell it straight to my mum when I was a little kid. She asked me my mum: 'Why your daughter so ugly one?' Walao.)

See? I told you is the other way round for not-so-good-looking kid, or for my case, ugly kid.

Charm overdosage Kid No. 1

This photo totally melts me down. Hello, how can you resist such a stare? Put the age aside first. If someone gives me that stare, I would probably die.
Charm overdose ma.

Sweetheart Kid No.2

My favourite darling niece

She probably hasn't possessed the C-factor (charm-factor) yet. But beware: It is this type of kid that could kill and melt you down, with just that simple smile. =)

Charm overdosage Kid No. 3

The charm-overdose's younger brother. Charm Overdose Junior.

He's too reserve. It's hard to capture the best moments of him. He hardly open his mouth to talk. It's sad that he keeps his smile down most of the time. I want him to be as happy as his brother. =(

Being with them is fun. They kept giving me good poses and ASK me to take their photos. They are vainer than me, I swear. I can see their future as some big-time model.

No joke. It's seriously in their blood.

Oh yeah..!


liow yingtian said...

hahaha. good fern like kids d! =D

next time see u with alot alot kids. super fun one really =)

Chin Fern said...

Hahah. I plan to have 6 kids. Like your parents! OMG. I love big family! noisy and crazy, like me. Siao eh lang.

saix_ysy said...

have a lot a lot a lot of kid and form a basketball team! i can be the coach! hahaha

khor jiexun said...

me too. love big family!!
noisy and fun!!!!!

khor jiexun said...

oh shhitlol. that was me LIOW YING TIAN

Chin Fern said...

u liow ying tian like to luan luan impersonate. no need to show off ur other half, we all know already okokokok? Haiyoyoyo.

SaiSai - Basketball team need how many people? Let me know so I can plan and then let u coach them. wahahahahahah.