Saturday, February 28, 2009

Work done, Rant Comes.

(Hello I am back updating this blog! =D)

After all the sleepless nights.

Keeping myself wide awake.

72 hours deprivation of sleep. (Ok, fine. Minus the 2hrs of sleep per day.)

To do whatever it takes;

To finish my newspaper project for college assignment.

and 'Screen: Simplest Reflection Defined' was officially launched. (Woot. That was the name for our newspaper. =D)

It wasn't an easy task at all. Not at all, especially when I am the editor of the project. Asking for articles, thinking of creative titles, putting in suitable photos, doing uncompleted job team members, inserting whatever information that is needed, meet up deadlines, the worst of all, the most that I hate to do was: to edit all the articles handed up to me.

It may sound like a 'WOW', getting to edit people's work, correcting people's wrong. How many people would enjoy doing that: you get to show your supremacy, your intelligence, your ability, your command of the language. But as much as I like to show-off my so-called heightened skills compared to the others, I would rather write more articles than to edit any articles.

I don't like the editing task.

I knew I was a bit too late to kick off my work to meet the deadlines, but I did all I could to amend my mistakes. But sometimes it just doesn't sound to me when you alone are working like a bull and the others, just waiting to reap the fruits, making themselves sound so right that they can't do their work because of some absurd excuses.

I was doing my best to save the worsen situation when I found out so many mistakes when the work has been handed up. I poured in as much effort to mend the portholes, but no one seemed to see my goodwill. Of course, I was doing for my own sake, it is my marks for my subject, HELLO, but the rest are also in my team, if I get added marks for the amendment, naturally all of you benefit from it.

It was a great moment of perturbation. And then everything was fine. I insisted things now HAS to go MY WAY. I don't care. You have to just do it. You might hate me as much being the editor/leader for the group, but you get the marks. I don't care you will thank me or not, because as long as I have my marks. Judge me however you want. Thank you. And I bet I am always beyond your judgements and expectation. Woot.

It was a good piece of newspaper. It was good work of presentation. With such short amount of time, with such intensity presented. (Hoho, to me it was intense.) And Of course I thank every of my team mates to have let me learnt what makes a team a good one. Not that this time, I led the team well, but I know what I can do for my next future team.

Ok. Done with my ranting. Yeay. I love my newspaper project. As in the outcome, not the process.

Since I'm now allowed more time, I'm gonna put my expertise into practice again: backdated post. =DD

So stay tune for more outdated post updates.

Woot. So irony.

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