Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"Honey, Honey how he thrills me. Ah-ha. Honey Honey
Honey, Honey, nearly kills me. Ah-ha. Honey Honey!"

I tried to suppress the excitement. But I couldn't.

I want to say I'm at cloud nine. But I think I'm beyond.

I was so excited about going to gurney today. I dressed up properly because who knows we could bump! Afterall, that's my very main reason for suggesting to go to Gurney.

And yes, there is a reason why I was so nicely dressed, not just because I'm going to Gurney and I didn't want to look like a trash, and also not just because I feel like it or just for the fun of it.

To the friends that were together with me this afternoon, you've got it right why I was so nicely dressed. I was just lying about the reason I said. ;P

I would not have expected things will turn out so super duper smoothly; from the ancient one-stop to Gurney Plaza. Not that I have planned it but the events just unfold themselves joyfully one by one.

Dumbfounded with the magnificence;

I'm just exhilarated today! =DDDD


EsTee ~~ said...

i understand darling
that's call crush !!!

Anonymous said...

I know all about it Fern...I know all about it...You should know who I am...I am the ladies man!!!

Chin Fern said...

You don't know. I don't think you know. And I think you are....Yugen? Please tell me yes or no. I don't think you are so much of a ladies man lalalala..but i can only think you will kept saying you are!!!


Anonymous Girl (Fern Should Know Me Cause I Am Her No.1 Reader) said...

Wait first and foremost Fern i definitly know the person you are talking about!!! Should i state it down here!!! Anyway Yugen your name sounds very familiar, and i mean very familiar...Are you from Saintz? If you are the yugen that i think you are...Please reply me!!! Yoge Bear!!! Ladies man my ass la!!! I know you are player and know ways around the ladies but no ladies man....and i know cause i am a girl..LOL =)

Chin Fern said...

Hey hey. No.1 Reader, who are you? Sorry la, but I don't know who's my No.1 reader, because none of my readers show signs of them being no.1. Haha.
Anyway tell me who you are! Seriously. And how would you know who is the person I'm talking about?! how sure are you it's even a 'person'? LOL. But tell me who you are first. Gees.