Sunday, February 8, 2009

Happy CNY: Estrogen-overdose Day

First of all, so that someone you can save the need to search what is 'estrogen': it's female hormones.

Not that I despise your knowledge, I forgot myself too!

No. This post is not to talk about a pondan or an overly sissy man I encountered over CNY.

It's just because it is a very girly day out with my girlfriends that maybe if you are with us, you may become a girl at an instant, due to the female hormonal struck.

Because at the instant we met each other at our meeting place:

Firstly, we gossip. About people around us.

Secondly, we went into a clothes shop although it's Chinese New Year and we have already gotten enough NEW year clothes.

Thirdly, we gossip again. Now about celebrities.

Fourthly, we watched a movie. A movie that would only mostly, in my opinion, attract the attention of the females.

Oh yes. Bride Wars.

Subsequently we went into a flip-flop wars.

All were debating which flip-flop suits Hui Theng best.

They even reached an extent where they were laughing at each other sense of taste towards a pair of flip-flop.

(For heaven's sake, IT'S JUST A BLOODY PAIR FLIP-FLOP. You won't wear this to a ball or something.)

Sixthly, we went to eat our long-longed for Mee Juta (Million dolar Noodles!!!!) only located at Goodall Cafe.

Ok, this is maybe not so much of a girly food. But heck, just pretend that it is la. Aiyo.

But this dish is yummiliciously delicious. Whenever I go to Goodall Cafe, I'll never miss to order this plate of Mee Juta. Its noodles is purely made of eggs and the shallow amount of clear soup that tops this delicacy, leaves you wanting for more. I don't know why, but the meat that comes it, taste sweet. It that makes you wonder why you are eating more pork than you should be.

Seventhly, we ordered pink drinks, or rather I. Pink, a stereotypical labelled girl colour.

Eightly, we went to Kek Lok Si temple after our dinner.

How gorgeous can she anymore be. I like to just stare at Kek Lok Si temple when the lights are on.

But that's beside the the point.

The highlight is from the police station of Air Itam, we walked towards, up to and down from Kek Lok Si, through stairways, slopes, and stones, with a pair of 2-inch wedges.


Ok, it's just me being that silly.

Only females can bare the torture being pressured on both your feet and walk through hills and mountains and over the seas. Only females are that crazy and unwise; the reason being just to look very good and so that the attire she is wearing would also be flattered by the pair of shoes. And I think I nearly sprained my ankles a couple of times, when I was walking downhill.

My buddies were so nice, they wanted to swap shoes with me. But that means they have to bare with the pain that I have brought to myself. No. I wouldn't want them to sprain their ankles, especially when they are people that wears high heels often! But I love how caring they have been. Thank you. <3

A conclusion I made was: walking in high heels is better than walking in wedges. At least with the heels, you can feel the floor; for wedges, all you can sense is the thick wedges, that makes you feel funny when you walk.

Ninthly, go to Coffee Island to minum kopi.

Ok, also nothing so estrogenic about this.

But then Jelly Ooi was so excited over our table number, "19"

because is her birth date. Lalalalala.

And Lee Phey Chien was excited because we were under a green umbrella;

Because green is her favourite colour. Aiyoyoyo. -.-

Do you want to sigh: "Oh..well...girls..!!" now?

I know. Hehe.

Tenthly, everybody crashed in at my place. My house has been a place for G-Clique to sleep-over in case we will go somewhere till late night and didn't want parents to worry or angry. I don't know why my parents give leeway when they are sleeping over. I can reach home a bit later and make a bit more noise.

And with Money at home, the house just won't get any quieter. Everybody just wants to take picture with her, play with her, sayang her, cuddle her..

put her in my handbag. -.-

Poor her.

Luckily she is also a estrogen-ed dog. (I don't know whether we name for female dog's hormones. Hehe.) If not, I think if she is a he, he will turn gay. Hoho.


liow yingtian said...

haha g clique :)

wonder whether there is a female's day?

Chin Fern said...

yes la. Aiyo. san ba fu nv jie ma. 三八妇女节。 8th of March every year. But it's more like a women's day rather than being called a 'female's day'. Haha.