Friday, February 13, 2009

Live. Love. Laugh Valentine's Eve Concert

The last post of mine got me questioned by readers/friends:

Are you already in love? Is it that you have a boyfriend already? and things like that. Hoho.

The answer is...hmmm...You see what I do for Valentine's then maybe than you would know. Hoho.

On Valentine's eve, I was over at Dewan Sri Pinang for a concert.

To sing in the concert. (Yeay!)

The 'Live. Love. Laugh Valentine's Eve Concert' was organised by jazzada and My Path for charity purposes. So in other words, it's a charity concert. LOL.

I was invited to sing in the concert a month ago and of course gladly I accepted that invitation!
(Woot. The KDU Idol title comes in handy in this case, if it is not for that, why would they invite me leh. aiyo.)

I think the concert was a success. It is actually the brainchild of two of my friends, Jazz and Ada, and being two 19-year-old amateur event organisers, they have brought everything together, laid things out, make arrangements and did whatever that is essential for a concert to take place. Nevermind about all the minor mistakes and bloopers, it was all a good show. =)

Now back to my performance. I sang three songs: two solos and one duet.

First song: My Valentine's by Martina Mcbride

This time I had a different hairdo, I went to the hairstylist and he said want to make temporary curls on my hair, then I was thinking OK, why not, I've never tried having curls, so I shall give it a shot.

2nd song: L.O.V.E by Natalie Cole

I like this song! It is so lively and cute. Hoho.

And then after it has been done, I decided that, OK maybe curls don't really suit me after all. I would probably give a 2nd thought next time another hairstylist suggests to curl my hair for me.

I still prepare my straight hair. Curls make me look more mature. I don't like. Hehe.

3rd Song: Quando Quando Quando by Michael Buble and Nelly Furtado.

I invited Joe to sing the duet together.

One of the best part of the concert (besides my singing, haha), they had a turn-tablist for a hip hop couple dance performance and for the fashion show.

Kek Khoon calls one of his equipments his wife.

Imagine if he were to turntable for my song.

Die la. I don't know how to sing. =S

So far, no signs of me being in love or having boyfriend. So let's see what do I have in my Valentine's post. =D

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