Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Dog @ Bath

Being readers of my blog, I decided to reward you all something very nice for the eyes to see this time.

Thank You for all the support that you have given to this blog and I'm so happy I have (FINALLY) reached over 10, 000 views (in one and a half year's time -.- very slow and lame lo actually) and this is the gift that I'm gonna splurge you all on.

I will show you the photos of someone bathing. (did i just see your eyes sparkle?GEES.)

Wait. not someone, should be somedog.

My dog.

My Money Dog.

More stories about my dog, click here.

I have not been blogging anything about her, since she first came to our family. She has all the while been the princess and gem at our home, everybody loves her like crazy. Everyone that comes to our house loves her, anyone that sees her loves her, if anytime I bring her out, she'll grab all the attention that I am supposed to get.


When she's at bath, she's even cuter than ever.

Bath 1

Bath 2

Bath 3

She's tooooooo cute right?

There's more! =D

Bath 4

Dad and mum bathing her. (so romantic for what. haha.)

Bath 4

The pail she is in now...used to be...

my house rubbish bin. =S

but i swear it's already super duper clean now! No traces of rubbish or the smell anymore. You can come and check.

Day # of Project 365 (I have yet to organise my Project 365 =S)


She wonders what's coming up next. :)

Bath 5

Last wash on your small lil butt and you are done! Just stay there okay! Haiyo.

Next, Blow-dry time!

Hair dry 1

That black thing that emits strong constant hot air is her biggest enemy.

She dislikes that hair dryer.

Hair dryer 2

See what I mean? She really hates it.

I think inside her heart she always prayed that she's botak (bald) then we don't have to use hair dryer to dry her up!

Her coat is long and thick. We need to blow it for a while, comb it a little to separate the cluttered hair, blow again and comb again and blow.

It always takes around an hour just to make her clean and dry. Gees. Expensive dog. I don't even take 5 mins to bathe.

Nola, siao. i'm just lying. I don't know how long I take but definitely more than 5 mins okaay. haha.

Fluff 1

Oh, she's done bathing!

I hate that expression of her. Makes my parents pity her and give her food that she's not supposed to take. She's no.1 actress okay. Gees. Can go and try her luck at some Hollywood Award already. Aiyoyo.

Fluff 2

My Money dog. =D

Her name is really MONEY if you don't know yet. Hehee.

I love love love you Money.

Thank you very much for the joy you have bring to our family.

(By that I mean both literally, the dog and the $$)



yt said...

She's sooooo cute!!! hahahah. i wanna see her

$$$$$nose$$$ said...

omg! MONEY!!!
may I noe her, tell her tat u got a frend call syling ya!