Monday, August 17, 2009

Hello again KDU!

So yes, my holiday has ended (deep sigh) and getting back to college means I will not have enough to spend if the day still stays only 24 hours per day.

Just for those who like to know, I'm taking these subjects this semester:
i. Multimedia and Web Development (means html codes and CSS kinda thing, I have learnt a bit and I'm really enjoying it. Sometimes headache-ing, but it's really fun and challenging.)

ii. Consumer Behaviour (just as the name says, we study on the why-s and how-s you make your initiative of purchase)

iii. News Writing for Electronic Media (means making and producing TV & Radio Commercials, filming, recording and editting stuff.)

iv. Desktop Publishing (designing brochures, pamphlets. My head goes round and round everytime it comes to designing @.@)

(besides the designing part)
Mass Comm in KDU is so much fun!

However, I reckon my schedule will get even tighter and packed because 3 of the subjects are heavily coursework based.

Plus every other things I have in hand, my college friends will hate me more for always turning them down when they asked me out. Hmmmm. I'm too busy.

Anyway, I kept seeing a nuffnang advertisement of Lux Masquerade Queen Search appearing in blogs, so I went to check out that event on Sunday @ Queensbay Mall, which also happened to be the last day of the event.

To be eligible for the search, you will need to spend RM30 on their product, get free makeover on the spot and a free self portrait. Pretty good deal, eh?

Anyway, makeover time!


I personally think make-up was done quite half-heartedly. The colour was too pale for my skin and it looked too 'pastel-like' for my eyes without any mascara or eyeliner applied. The make-up artist spent more time on my lips than on my one eye. *roll eyes*

And hair.

sigh. My hair.

I know I'm never 'fit' for strong curls, either it makes me look too mature in a bad way or I will just look weird. But the hairstylist made my hair curly. Bah. Whatever shit. So the whole photo shoot didn't turn out too well anyway. I'm just not a 'curls' person.

Or maybe she's not good at doing it. hah.


And that two flops of fringe of mine. Gees. The rest of the hair was styled fluffy and she left out that two flops of fringe. Not very good job done loh.

Very not good actually. The photo outcome was bad. I had to choose the best out from the worst. Damm it. My photogenic element losing out its shine. Haha. No thanks to the makeover: pale makeup, unsuitable hairdo.


Hoho. You think I am gonna show you? Wait long long, it's too ugly to be out in the streets.

Anyway it's just 30 bucks, so, whatever it is. :)

Oh, ask me what happen to my photo quality! Gees.

My Samsung camera spoiled! For the umpteenth times already! I had to use my camera phone under dim light condition, that's why the noise in the photo and the poor quality.

And of all times, it chose to spoil on the day I go to the beach (I will blog about this!), under no condition. I was trying to turn it on and it just hanged there.

Ya, so seriously, never get Samsung camera. I don't know why I buy in that salesman's sales pitch at that time anyway, although I was in PC Fair with so many other good camera choices.

No, it wasn't a handsome young man who was selling to me. I just don't know why.

Anyway, since you have been good readers of my blog, Ok lah, fine. Here it is, the Masquesrade photo.


If you think I am complaining too much like some girls who will scream to delete every other shots you took with her in your digital camera or handphone, or complain how fat she looks in every other photo when she owns the best body many other girls would kill for, or untag themselves in your facebook album because they smiled half an inch too wide..

I am NOT this kind of irritable freak. I am actually one often praise myself too much and if I don't, probably I fall a sick or something, my friends would not get used to it if I don't.

But seriously, I think this is a bad photo and I have taken many other random shots of me which look a lot better.

Hah, whatever it is, Lux body shampoo still smells nice and fragant. :)


yt said...

Ok. haha at least not like swiney :p

but yup i agree with you, the curls doesnt suit you la. aiyoyo. your staightened hair is the best. Even before you had your hairdo and make up, i think you look better at that time. hahahaha. what say you.

but the last pic was quite pretty la. hahaa :D

i saw this search @ 1-u earlier this month too. haha

Chin Fern said...

yalo. for the facebook part, i'm actually referring to swiney. haha. stupid shit.

Haha. Yes, the curls. ish. I like waviness though. (I had it when i had mother's day photoshoot I don't know whether you remember. It's in my facebook 'Awesome Family' album btw. hoho.)

Hmmm.. okay. Thanks for the compliment. maybe not that really bad, but i can take better pictures. Hehe. I know you know. XD

EsTee said...

i think is looking Good the photos ! but the curl a bit cacat.. overall .... your smile =)

meiyi said...

helo there.. i found your photo on fb.

samantha_sik said...

You looked amazing in that pic.. :)))
*maybe you just don;t like the curls..
*The make-up artist wanted to put all the spotlights on your sexy lips.
---Centre stage---spotlight
--------Ms Chin Fern's Lips-------
*It's beautiful anyway ..:))

Chin Fern said...

Estee: Thanks for agreeing and the compliment as well! =DDD

Meiyi: Thanks for the link! Haha.

Samantha: Ahh, maybe. Hmmmm. But sexy lips requires beautiful as well, anyway anyhow, what has been done, has been done! THANKS A LOT!