Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tomorrow is a Race Day

Yes, I'm going to a Race @ Chung Ling High School tomorrow!

It's a 7.5km team race and our team is aiming for the best!

Dear Power Gel,


Please pray that we win the race. I will definitely grant you your wish of eating you up if you grant me my wish, okay?

Thank you very much.

Fern :)

Haha. I'm a lame ass.

Btw, I went to an awesome facial spa this morning.


It's too awesome I'm gonna blog about it so that you can go and experience this wonderful treat too! :)

My mum is bugging me to sleep now. She said: "If you want to go to the race tomorrow, go and sleep NOW, if not I'll lock you room door and will not let you out!"

Yes, mum. Okay. Bye.

(Power gel, don't forget our promise okay!)

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