Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Of Sunrays, Seaside and Sea

I knew my holiday was ending soon, and I knew I had to do something fun and relaxing before I go back to the routine of attending college. So one sunny day, I decided to ask my mum and my favourite niece to have a play day by the beach! :)

Oh oh! not forgetting my cutest dog ever, Money, too! hehe.

There's nothing I can say about beach except for its beauty and tranquility, even for that, it's self-explanatory. Going to the beach is always relaxing, recharging and happy.

So, I'm just gonna let the pictures do the talking okay? :D

On the way there:
That ever awesome driver.
Seriously, I'm not bragging. I love to drive and I am really a good driver. HAH. :)

(But that's unless I am not sleepy)

Say HELLO to Money!


Crazily cute.

My dog kissing me

Money trying to kiss me!

At the beach:


Aiya, take two! My Money looked away. Gees.


(except for my pimply forehead. GEES.)

And the sand play beyond generation.

Sand play

Happy Trio under the Sun


I love the happiness in this photo. Especially my niece's, she's such a darling!

My favourite kid on earth.


And my favourite person on earth, EVER.


♥♥♥ Mum

We brought yummy yums there!


Potato salad made by me (and is really the bestttttttt on earth, I am not lying) and my mum's Tuna sandwich. :)


That silly dog just can't give us a break. She either barking for food or barking for cuddling and accompanyment.



Innocence's happiness

Innocence's happiness.
My niece was enthusiastically building a sand mermaid tail for me. :)

Kiss Goodbye:

Scrotching Passion

Scorching Passion

It was definitely a wonderful beach day, that brought me happiness and fun: to find myself playing under sun; to run on the sandy beach; and to splash on some salty sea water. Nature can never be anymore perfect than ever.

Btw, Beside the first 3 photos, the rest are just taken by my handphone. My camera die on me when I was using it, I had no choice towards that alternative. Anyway it still turned out good, I had a very happy day though it was short and I didn't really get the tan I wanted. :)


samantha_sik said...

Beaches are always "orgasmic" .LOL
Sounds so bitchy.. :)))

liow yingtian said...

teach me to do the potato salad please please pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i love u

liow yingtian said...

teach me ok. i got lots of potatoes waiting for me back home hee hee

Chin Fern said...

HEELLLLLLLLLO. hehehe. yes, okay I will teach you. :) I didn't come to my blog so many days that's why didn't see the comment. Heh. Sorry.

Here it goes:

Easy Ingredients needed:
Potatos, Mayonaise, Eggs, pepper(to add flavour)

1. Clean and rinse the unpeeled potatos thoroughly.
2. Boiled them in hot water. Make sure they don't turn too soft, so use a fork to poke to check the hardness of the potato.
3. Boil the eggs into hard-boiled.
4. Peel both the eggs shell and the potato skin.
5. cut Potato in small cubes and chop the eggs into teeny weeny bits.
6. put them into a small container and mix them together while putting in sufficient amount of mayonaise.
7. add pepper to flavour

wala. you are done! =D

Savour your potato salad time!
My receipe is a very very simplified version of what you would see in the internet but it tastes SUPERBBBBBBBB.

Peiying said...

the tuna sandwiches your mum makes. i remember them. they're yummy!

Chin Fern said...

Samantha, Yes. i agree about the orgasmic part! hahah. soooo orgasmic. haha. and nevermind about the bitchy part. hahaa.

Peiying, yuppie yup. haha. you havnt tried my potato salad! :P