Saturday, August 15, 2009

That Deadly Hike

I decided to follow my hiking friends for waterfall lookout on a beautiful Sunday.

" I was happily making that leap to that space which was seemingly stable and was able to accommodate me, at the same time, both hands were left free as there weren't any strong rooted thin branch for me to hold on.

But as soon as I put my weight on my leaped left foot, it only dawned on me that I was relying on just loose soil. It cascaded at an instant. I lost balance and slipped and tumbled down the steep trail.

At this point of time, all support I had was on my two hands grabbing on to a root or something I couldn't remember exactly what it is that is entrenched within the soil; If I were to lose my strength on any hands.......

I still have my other hand to support lah. (Hee, yes, thank you, I know I am lame)

A lady that was behind was dumbfounded, didn't know what to say, couldn't decide what to do. I tried my level best to pushed myself up but the soil kept sagging once I stepped on it. One of my friend, who is an avid offroad hiker, immediately hopped down the steep track and helped pushed me up from behind. I pulled myself up and placed myself back on a stable land.

So, there I was, picking my life back up and laughing silly-ly at my clumsiness, at the same time, scared the hell out of my friends. "

That happened on my 2nd level of trail hiking. Adventurous life-challenging piece of shit. Haha. Not really that deadly also lah, I'm just exaggerating at my entry's title. Haha.

The first portion offroad trail up was very very fun indeed although most of the time we have to bend down to walk so that we won't knock our heads on some overgrown branches. Also because my friend led us the to the 'trail less taken' and the natural setting is quite untouched therefore, we would have some crooked sticks, ungroomed and thorny plants brushing through and left marks on our legs to make us..hmmm..extra sexy.

(That's unless you agree that scratch-ish legs are sexy, that I don't and won't understand why)

scratch 1

Scritch-Scratch-Scrotch and a bruise on my right knee cap that I don't know how I got it. Poor leg.

However, when we reached the waterfall lookout, what we endured from our journey was all worth-while.

It was sooooo beautiful and breath-taking and you would suddenly forget you are actually still in Penang. The white bold water rushed down from the very top, emitting the freshest scent of natural water. The sprinkles of the infinite tiny water droplets on the skin liven up every single tired cells. Such undiscovered treasure at a hidden corner of your humble island.

I don't have any photos with me because I think if I were to take it with my camera phone, I will have done injustice to its beauty. (Then later I realised, my camera phone isn't that bad. Damm. I shouldn't have underestimate it's [or anybody's] ability. Life lesson learnt.=) )


A picture taken from the internet to give you a hint of its beauty. I promise to make a second trip to take more beautiful photos of her. :)

The entire hiking trip, to compress into a sentence: It made my 3-week holiday whole. It was like a planned hiking trip to a new place to discover nature's beauty and I got it all here, in this wonderful island of my own very Penang. I could be ranting how I only spend my holiday in Penang, which is really not something I expected, but this hike successfully satisfied my 'holiday' desire.

However, no thanks to that hiking trip, my shoes were unsightly dirty.

dirty shoes 1

Mainly due to the near-to-death slipped and rain in the morning that made the soil slightly saggy and loose.

Oh, Life lesson # 2: If you don't want to heighten your possibility of losing your life during a offroad hiking trip (I could be exaggerating though), DON'T hike after a rain.

torn bit

See that torn bit? Thanks to the hike too! :)

Now I get to buy new shoes!


(Bracketed Yeay in case my parents decided that I have to pay for my own new sports shoes, then it won't be so much of a happy yeay.)


Peiying said...

you write well. i had never and cant write like that.

Chin Fern said...

At an instant, I was wondering whether did I clicked the right comment link, or did I accidentally clicked some other people's comment link, although there's no other blogs that I'm reading at the same time. Seriously.

That such a big compliment. Thank you sooooo much. :) I'm so flattered, really. I can't no need to eat 3 days already. The flattering already filled up my stomach. Hohohoho.

You made my day! THANKS THANKS THANK!

Des said...

Hey Fern, When you going again? I also want to follow.

Chin Fern said...

Haha! Sure. we can go together when this crazy raining season is over. Ask siao beh to bring, he knows the route best. :)

Des said...

Ah Ford and a few other guys also know the way. Siao Beh is too darn fast. Maybe if we ask him to use one leg then can.