Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Malaysia!

Happy 52th Merdeka!


Thanks for being my country. I love you, Malaysia. =D

But I wish to see you progress and bring the nation a better tomorrow! Let's work hard together.


I'm secretly a patriotic person at heart. I love my own country, really do and I am proud to be a Malaysian despite what people might think or say. :)

I even went for a Merdeka countdown yesterday and I invited so many of my other friends and no one is free for me loh. Argh. Stupid shit. hahahha. Anyway I had a new friend to go together with me. So it's okay!

Anyway, from KL last week, I'm now in Singapore! I reached Penang from KL early Saturday morning, busily stayed at home for two days and departed to Singapore early in the morning today.

I'm here for a Options Trading SEMINAR. Yeah. you hear me right. Seminar again. Hoho.It is held at a beautiful 5-star hotel and we are served some pretty food for tea time. :)


Our tea-time were arranged in the way that is just one and a half hour after our late lunch. So when i was walking out from our seminar room, I told myself I must not eat anymore. But then when I walked passed that food tray, I couldn't resist those the tiny chocolate cakes topped with mini mashmallows.

So I ate. Again. Gees. So much of deciding to lose some weight to improve my running. Gees.

I'm now in my small hostel room blogging about this, on my double decker bed. It's my first time in this town hostel, not the best hostel I have ever stayed, but this nice little cosy room is enough to make me feel comfortable. :)

Show you.

I like the chandelier-like lamp. :)

I have to go to bed now. Laptop battery running super low. Eyelids weighing super heavy. Tomorrow have to wake up kinda early. GEES. Goodnight. Byebye.


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