Friday, March 26, 2010


Soooooooooooo many things happened.

I finished my diploma, I pulled-my-hair about issues concerning my studies, I worried about my internship, I decided to not think about it anymore, then I went to Singapore, I attended seminar (again), I went to Redang, I was terrified by the fishes, I become Miss Tan (as in dark skin that kind of tan, not my surname Tan), I very sien in Kuala Terengganu, and I finally came back.

Back to this lovely island of mine. ;)

I am so gonna update my blog later tonight! (Hopefully)

See uu.

Thanks so so so so much for still coming back here! This goes specifically to Manson, 感激不尽!;)

You didn't expect this, did you?


Samantha Sik said...

I'm jeAlousing!! [manson]
*hugs* everything will turn out well, negative things are attracted to the people tat have negative thoughts,the Secret told me :))

Chin Fern said...

I know you very support my blog also one! =) thank you very very very much!
I watched the movie the Secret before too! ;) It's awesome.

Samantha Sik said...

lol...but mine the secret is a book..motivation one ,gift from manson :))
lol..hmm Is it the same..
AND ALL THE BEST FOR NTV7,I'll be watching you if I have the time aftr my 8p.m class><