Monday, March 8, 2010


Short update.

I was at education fair last weekend, helping my college with their broadcasting booth. Had to stand long hours for it, didn't know why I agreed to help initially. Yugen and Christopher, who were also there on-duty, also couldn't figured why they said yes to this task.

Aching legs aside, we get to keep grabbing food and drinks from every other Culinary Arts department from different colleges. There's just one right in front of the place where I'm in charged that served cakes and hot chocolate drinks. My college's had different food from time to time, we went self-indulging every time when they had new menu! The best one was Salmon Bruschetta; there was one oyster inside too. yums!

Anyway, there's a free portrait drawing service by the art and design department from my college. So I went to ask for one!



Since when my hair becomes short? He even drew my eyebags for me. T_T

Oh well, it's free and I don't think the college paid them to come here. Shouldn't expect much!

Okay, till here. Supposed to be short update. Haha. I don't know what post will come up next, just visit then you will know.

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Anonymous said...

try the one academy's one FOR FREE next time when there's a fair. it's absolutely pretty and you dont get crap like that even for free.

if you don't believe me, u can check out ken's office. ken had his own portrait drawn by toa students.

shows how much kdu art students are bad.