Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Zheng Yue Chu Yi

正月初一! Dong Dong Chiang!

Haha. Nola. Wasn't that fun and excited.

Oh it means, first day of Chinese New Year if you don't read chinese. Heh.

My Chinese New Year this year felt different. It's such a distance away from how I felt when I celebrated Chinese New Year so hectically when we were all younger.

Like how we used to be so Busy:
-picking the best cookies in the rounded spinning tray
-drinking packets and packets of Chrysanthemum drink
-taking angpows
-eating steamboat
-peeling the tangerin oranges
-playing fire crackers
Last but not least, busy getting fatter each and everyday

All these somehow slipped away. Sigh. I was eagerly waiting for Chinese New Year to arrive, to wear my new year dress but ended up got me having a boring 正月初一.

Dad wasn't around to celebrate together due to work. So CNY 2010 was really different without having a handsome Daddy to see the first thing in the morning.

I put on a red hot chilli pepper dress on 正月初一 but I didn't get to show off my awesome dress to a lot of people. In the morning, a few relatives came but aiya, good things need to let more people see. So let me show off to you hereee. ;D



Red dress on the first day of Chinese New Year!

Purposely put the pink flowers there to make in more CNY-ish. Hahahahahahaha. Lame shit.

My heels are damm awesome. But they made my feet wanna scream every step I take. T_T

Poor feet.

Ohhh. Show you my makeup too!


Actually not much make-up. Hehe.

I just want to show you how exaggerated I look in my dramatic eyelashes that I purposely bought to look funny.

I don't usually wear falsies, not even for my performance. The last time I wore was for, hmmm, Halloween. Hahaha.

Anyway I kinda regret wearing it cos I actually like the dramatic eyelashes look. Die liao. That means I would wear it more often than I would expect myself to. Geees. I officially announce fake eyelashes as my addictive new friend.

My poker card earrings is awesome rightt. Bought it from Bangkok! Wore it so that I can win in my chinese new year gambling session. (didn't exactly work though =S)

Basically, me and mum stayed at home for whole day except for dinner, while sis and her boyfriend went out to celebrate Valentine. Sigh. Super sien okay. Keep watching the Taiwan CNY Game Show filmed on 2008 only. (My house is Astro-less)

So sien that I decided to camwhore with mummy.


Took super a lot of shots. Only this one turned out right.

Fast forward to dinner at night. (Unless you want to know the content of the Taiwan CNY Game Show 2008. hahaha.)

Don't expect to get good food during CNY. We stopped by at a hawker place that we've never been to and fill our stomach with whatever food that doesn't require long waiting time.

The place was packed. We still had to wait a bit for our food, so I used the time to camwhore a bit again.


The two human beings on the left laughing happily cos they are holding some lottery ticket and were saying some prosperous words so that they will strike the number on the next draw date. Hahahaha.


Mirror at hawker place!
Sissty and mee.

My smile damm slutty. Must be because of the eyelashes. Or the hair.

After dinner we got back home and did some part in polluting the air.

Sorry, but what is CNY without some fire crackers! Hoho.


Actually didn't really pollute the air la. I'm a Go-Green person, is just that I'm wearing Red on that day.


Sorry. Too lame. I know. :DDDD

We spend most of the time playing the flaming sticks only. Okay, actually I don't know what are they called. Flaming sticks, is just because it sounds a bit cooler.

How nostalgic.

Both of us used to be big fan of this flaming sticks when we were still little kids, running round and about not knowing how big this world is.

We would wave the sticks around and I will sing some tune to the swaying.

I remember I barely had hair on my head at time. I looked funny and people would mistaken me as a boy.

Hahaha. Cute lil' girlish boy.

Those were the days! ;D


Haha. I think I was singing to that tune I sang when I was a little kid.

Love this pic! ;) My dog so cute, you see!

Happy Valentine's Day!

They love this photo to bits. Hohoh. Faster thank me la.

Sis's Valentine flower.

I also want. =( Hahaha.


Pop-Pop pao!
Don't tell me you have never played this before, I will laugh at you. ;P

Even if you really never play before, just don't tell me. Cos I don't know how long I will laugh.

Me and lovely Money!

Happy Chinese New Year to you! ;)

Still a week more to go before you call it an end, enjoy while you can!


David Lee Y S said...

Nice and great blog post for CNY... it brings back some found memories. And the pop-pop, yes! That kinda fun. Did you tried to open few and wrap into a bigger one and pop? Is fun! :-D

Peiying said...

you look smoking hot in the dress!

Des said...

Aiyoh! The red dress too hot la until have to drink iced water.

Chin Fern said...

Woahh. Thanks people! ;)

David, never tried that before! Maybe next year! =D

Peiying, thankiu thankiu. *shys*

Des, then you drink ur iced water already or not. haha. why have to say my dress hot not i hot. LOL