Thursday, February 4, 2010

The result

Hoho. When you see there's no exhilarated status updates in facebook or an excited short update here, you kinda can guess I actually didn't win the competition.


Anyway, I really didn't win. Not even a bloody Top 6 which I aimed for. But the performance on stage that night was one of the rare few times that I felt really satisfied with.


To a lot of performers, that's what you want to achieve on stage, the rather hard-earned self-satisfaction. But to a contestant, things might not just be that simple. The fact that we need to impress the judges, kept knocking our door, reminding us now and then.

So sometimes, 'just be yourself' is easier said then done, especially when you want to win.


But really, I do not fancy the cliche people would tell me: Aiya, results doesn't matter as long as you did your best. Plus it's for the experience rightt.


Rightt. I know. I have a lot of this kind of experience already. So now actually I'm making use of my experience to try to win this competition, but oh well, sighh.

I mean I know I did my best I could, and DUH, I do expect something in return for something that I poured my heart and soul into. The results DOES MATTER to me. I want to win. At least at that moment of time during the announcement of results or even after that, it still does matter to me.


But maybe next day, the results really doesn't matter to me anymore la. Like seriously, do I really have to stop singing just because 3 PERSON think that I'm not the one to win this competition? You must be kidding me.

If Jay Chou took in all the criticism and insults and sulked with it, during his younger years, today you won't even know who's Jay Chou. Someone else would be the top earning singer in Taiwan today and nobody will scream hysterically to the name 'zhou jie lun'.

Anyway, not my first time losing. When I was younger, I used to cry and wail badly about my losses in a competition, especially when it comes to singing and short distance running competition. But, I have grown out of it now. It's when you accept the defeat, that you leap to the next stage in life. From a crying baby, the young lady has smile and confide herself about her defeats and certainly, her wins too!


If it is not for all my defeats and failures, I would not have sung like how I would today.

My feelings and thoughts aside, the next best thing that happen was a lot of my family and friends went over to support me! One even came all the way from Singapore! ;)

Okay, can spot your name here:
mum, sis + bf, nicholas, jelly, hui theng, shi-lir-ang, esTee, aaron, aunty chooiphung, ghee, yeoh, tiger, choon + wifey, xiao di, ken, seng and other people in the floor that think that I'm actually good! ;)

And also the some other sms and facebook good luck wishes and care! Really appreciate them! =D

If it's not for you people who believe in me, I would not have the strength to pick up myself during the times when I faltered.

during rehersals
awesome photo by Nicholas

Gazillion thanks. =)


liow yingtian said...

your lips are so juicy. hehehehhe. Keep it on. we support yuuu.

Chin Fern said...

what shit u talk about my lips. -.- gigigaga. hahah. but THANKSSS. =D