Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Click Play!

Yeah you really should! ;)

美丽笨女人 by Coco Lee
Cover by meeee

Snippets of the competition while you wait for the awesome video to load. Heh.

Rehersals. Before the night starts.


Afternoon rehersals.

Awesome singer from my college!
1st runner up of the competition too.

Stage Prep.

The last bit for the eyes.

My new found friend, Esther!
2nd runner-up. ;)

When the long awaited night commences.


introduction of contestants.

Wonderful performance of the song 卡门
Winner of the competition yo! ;)

Vic Teo
Malaysian Idol Season 1 2nd runner up.
Head of judge of the competition. (I think)
And, I like this Doraemon backside tee! Haha.

Prize giving ceremony.
Geees. I am blocked.

And finally, End of the night.
PHEWWWW! Cos my heels were really killing me!

Cameraman happy also cos finally can rest! ;D

All photo and video credits to Nicholas, who came all the way from Singapore to picture down this event for me! Hah. ;D

Thanks a tonnes!

Oh ya, now you can scroll back to watch my awesome video already. =D


Peiying said...

You definitely improved over the years and i'm sure there'll be more to come =D

I guess what you said about wanting to win is true and also about the cliches and what people say to comfort you. We do not realise how much experience you have had, and it's time for you to aim higher. But well... we can't say much besides that, can we? haha.

You look great in the pictures and video! Such a tone body. *winks* I'm looking forward to see more pretty pics and videos. And i'm sure you'll blossom even more. =D Credits to NICHOLAS for the pics! =P

Keep up the good work and never stop believing in yourself! It's actually something i look up to you - for being able to believe in yourself. I often give up and look down on myself when I get frustrated and upset.

Anyways, take care and always flash ur brilliant smile!

Much love,

Chin Fern said...

Peiying! Thanks sooooo soooo sooo much! ;D

It's so comforting having somebody to agree with me! Haha. But of course people can say better things besides that! Like: It's alright. Just try harder next time! ;) Or It's alright. Win in other competitions!

Or something like that. It's more convincing then: Nevermind la, you did your best. Just take it as an experience.

Definitely more comforting!

Thanks for all the compliments! Hehe. *blush* oh yeah, credits to him. HAHAHAH. Gees, you!

Since you look up to me on that, do the same to yourself! I always admire you, you know that? Haha. Always. Like you are good in a lot of things, haha, don't know la, just admire la. hehe.

Anyway, thanks so muchhh for commenting! It means a lot to me!