Monday, March 30, 2009

College's back

Two weeks passed; holidays ended; time to say hello again to college.

I was rather excited. So good to see my college mates once again, like that Tan Veen Dee that has been disappearing the entire holiday because she had a great time in Australia with her BOYFRIEND. Woot.

But the she brought back something for each one of us, so it's worth it to miss her. Hoho.

She said she immediately thought of me when she spotted this T-shirt. Haha. I'm Smart because I'm still single. Hoho. But then she says I can't really wear it now. So... she actually bought another thing to replace for me.

This pretty rose necklace. I love accessories with roses! Why does she know me so well. =DD

In the end, I get to keep both presents! Hehe.

Terima Kasih Tan Veen Dee. =D

I'm taking pretty fun and interesting subject this semester.

Introduction to Radio Production. (Hoho. DJ Fern in the making. Fun Fun)
Introduction to Photo Communication. (Photography class. Fun Fun Fun.)
Organisational Communication. (Oh..okay.)
Principles of Copywriting. (Ohh.......)

Probably I just thought I was having fun than to suit myself back into the study mode again.

We were divided into groups for our Radio Production project. Right when the lecturer told us we will never get to choose our team mates as long as we are taking his subjects, everyone prayed hard.

Prayed so so so hard that they won't team up with the two notoriously disastrous team mates of the entire century.

I am save. Christyna was kinda save. Esther at the slight brink of danger. Veen Dee's prayer's worked upside down. She needs to stay with one of the notoriously disastrous team mates of the entire century for the semester for the supposed fun-est subject.

I can hear some good signs coming for the semester. I hope I hear it right. =)


Cindy L said...

That t-shirt is pretty chic:)

Chin Fern said...

Haha. Thanks. All thanks to Veen Dee. Hehe.

Sharon said...

Hurm... I am here for the first time to comment..... All because I was asked to by the owner of this blog to comment here and not in msn... =|
Since the owner of this blog asked me to comment here... I will make it a lonnnnggggg comment.

I Lkie the t-srhit taht you got form Veendee... Suond-s ecxalty jsut lkie you...

So that was all... hehe... and the words are purposely done in that way. =) =D XD =p

Chin Fern said...

=) =D XD =p funny la u. aiyoyoyo.

tahnk you for the ceommnet. do this more ofetn i wlil lkie you more one. hehe.

Sharon said...

omg... if i dun do this often u will like me less?!?!?!?! WHAT IS THIS!?!?!

veen dee said...

omgomgomg. my group is F'ed!

Chin Fern said...

Hoho. Congrats lo Tan Veen Dee.