Friday, March 6, 2009

A night from the Geek in the Pink

I'm a little afriad when I decide to write this post. I fear that my inadequate vocabulary of the English language cannot match up to the great singer's talent.

But heck, he's too good not to write about. If under any circumstances that I don't knw the exact word to describe him, I can just use 'very very very very' or 'super duper uber' or terms like that tell you how amazing he was that night.


Jason Mraz's Live performance, need not me to even mention, was definitely a total BLAST.

Although I don't even know 80% of his songs, besides the ubiquitous I'm Yours and Lucky, it was uber pleasurable just to listen to him singing with his superb unbeatable vocals, watching him having fun on stage, seeing him showing off his skills on guitar and embracing his quirks and cheekiness.

He's a fantabulous musician, singer and performer, all packed in one body.

I travelled all the way down to KL for his concert held in Stadium Negara and went together with my super sweet and lovely and favourite friend, You Jing.

Stadium Negara is one size smaller than Stadium Merdeka where I attended Jay Chou's World Tour concert just February last year. (I still remember it's on a 23rd!) But it was a full house concert definitely. And I think Jason Mraz's audiences consist more of pure good music listeners, than Jay Chou's crazy screaming fans.

Nothing wrong about screaming fans of Jay Chou, both of them just have different markets. After all, I'm part of Jay Chou's bunch of crazy screaming fans.

Alamak. Why am I even comparing both of them. Sorry, I shouldn't. Really shouldn't.

Our tickets were the Rock Zone category and since we hurried to get the place right at the divider, we are only around 60metres to the stage! Woot. So the ticket we bought, I think, is super worth the value.

BUT I didn't have a camera with me, besides my pathetic camera phone. So I only had some pathetic shots of Jason Mraz on the screen.

As the concert started, there were seven musicians on stage, handling the trombone, trumpet, saxophone, bass, percussions, keyboards and drums; the man himself on his signature, the guitar. The first song to serenade the crowd was 'Make It Mine'. The whole stadium couldn't help singing along with him. The whole song, how cool is that. (I think is cool la. Hehe.)

Photo source:

Now I cannot forget the 'hah-la la la hah- la la la I-la la la la love you' part.

He charmed the audiences with improvisational skills. So actually, singing along with him is a bit hard, cos we won't know when is he going to drag the note so long and then push it up using his falsetto and sings through the running notes and then end it with a twist that you have never heard before. But he can make it so good that you would want MORE!

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He somehow has the ability to make his less familliar tracks very enticing. The entire audience will just sway along with the music, while he did his job.

The heat was at the peak when he introduced the start of his biggest hit 'I'm Yours', using his guitar, the very familiar guitar sliding melody. I was most enthused because that's the song that I really really know of. -.- Haha. I video-recorded this part of the concert using my phone. I ended up hearing myself than him singing. Alamak.

If you want experience the atmosphere that night, go Youtube, go Youtube, super a lot.

The whole team suddenly bid goodbye after an hour of performance later.

What? Ended already? It's only one hour. Then You Jing said the lights were not on yet, there's gonna be more. Then I recalled on Jay Chou's concert, true, all the singers like to buy their share of 'encore' from the audience using this technique. Hoho.

So ya, don't leave the concert on the first goodbye. They are actually asking you to shout 'encore' for them.

More shoutings, more 'We want more', more 'Jason! Jason!'...and then...

...the happy guy hops out cheerfully again!

This time with a very diplomatic cut-off sleeves T-Shirt, I KL.

I the shirt, but I want a T-shirt which says I PG, don't want KL. Haha. Anyway!

'Lucky' is up! Yeay. I thought he wasn't going to sing because he can't be inviting Colbie Caillat all the way to M'sia, to sing ONE SONG.

So we were all waiting, who is it gonna be?

"If she's not coming out, all of you will have to sing..!" with a very funny accent, said Jason Mraz.

When the Colbie's part is up, no female singer was in sight, so everybody joined in the thrill! Until the chorus...still no Colbie-to-be and then suddenly..poof..Penny Tai, appeared on the stage singing to the song.

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Jason Mraz closed the concert with the song 'Butterfly' and put a beautiful full stop to the wonderful concert.

This concert is damm good and this could even be an understatement. As what his latest album says, he danced, he sang, he stole things - our hearts! Maybe it is because of his perfect vocals, his quirky moves on stage, or just his smile, this concert is definitely one to remember for long. He's so damm good! Argh.

I Jason Mraz


You Jing.


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