Sunday, March 8, 2009

I am ugly now =(

For once in my life, I think I am ugly.

Oops. Haha. Actually not just once.

I mean, seriously now I am damm ugly.

My wrist, my arms, my elbows, my shoulder, my feet, my lower back, my waist, my midriff.

Thanks to all the rashes that I got right after I came back from my KL trip.

But thank God my face is still as pretty. Haha. (You can throw rotten eggs at me.)

Right after the concert, Mr You Jing asked me: "You don't drink alcohol, right?"

So I thought: Ok, he knows I don't drink alcohol, so he's gonna bring me to some cafe that serves non-alcoholic drinks or something.

And then he brought me to a pub. -.-

Although it's a very atmospheric semi-open air poolside bar on the very top of a building, overlooking the scenic view of KL City, it mainly serves alcoholic drinks. And then this very smart guy ordered an alcoholic drink for me which does not have the smell or the taste of alcohol at all. Plus, it's super yummy.

And I thought he knows I don't drink alcohol.

As it was also Ladies Night, I was given another free vodka drink.

At the end, I finished the big tank of yummy pink alcoholic drink. And the vodka. (And I thought I say I don't drink alcohol.)

Right after I sipped the last from my free vodka glass, the bar tender took my glass back and asked: "Do you want more? What else do you want?"

I was having a very bad dizziness and I don't want anymore drink. But I don't know what I should say to the bar tender and so I look towards You Jing and hope he would say something to the bar tender.

But he didn't. How stupid.

He only opened his mouth by the time the bar tender had mixed something new for me and present it in front of me with a smile.


"Hoho. You have to finish this drink already. The bar tender see you so leng lui only give you another free drink. You have to 'give face'."

Okay. Shit.

So in a half-conscious mode I finished the cranberry alcoholic drink and I remembered receiving Ying Tian's message at that time asking me has the concert the ended because I was gonna put up at her house and me telling her that it has ended and I'm having a superduper headache now.

That was the worst headache I have ever had in my life, like either I'm gonna die, head gonna burst or something. Haha. I didn't know I was so alcohol-intolerant.

The next morning when I woke up, I saw some reddish patches at my back, so I was thinking: Wow, I must be having too much sugar in my blood that's why so many mosquitoes bit me.

It was still ok UNTIL I came back to Penang.

On Friday morning, there were more reddish patches. I was thinking: why are mosquitoes breeding so wildly this season, I'm having more mosquito bites and they ITCH LIKE HELL.

As time goes by, the rashes increase in numbers. And then I realised the MAIN FACTOR to it.

Shit. The alcohol.

I'm allergic to alcohol??!! It could be that reason. It could also be because my body is too new to accept this kind of substance into the whole system therefore they are reacting.

So, I'm looking terrible at the places I got my rashes.

Horrible and terrible.

I couldn't wear a low-waist jeans because when I sit my blouse/shirt would automatically revealed my lower back because most of them are just at the right length and therefore people will see the rashes on my lower back, which is the most horrendous part.

I couldn't wear a sleeves-less or spagetthi because the marks on my elbow and left shoulder would be emphasised.

I couldn't wear my bikini. Like obviously.

And I had to scratch them many times because they seriously ITCH LIKE HELL.

Gees. Why the alcohol didn't like me. I know it's wrong for me to not like them in the first place, but but but...I just can't stand the smell. Not my fault, blame my smell receptors please. I'm helpless with all these reddish extra protruding flesh on my skin.

I'm everyday telling myself: 'They will heal. They will heal. They will heal.'

Yes. Please heal as soon as possible and erase the marks and scars off. Thank You Very Much. I want to be pretty again. Haha!


Joan said...

alcohol is normal for newbies girl..

i had it last time also. until need to see doctor. hehe

but over the time it decreases and it heals...solution: drink more..hehe

seriously, drink more so that your body will get used to it.

post-alcohol treatment for the itchiness and redness: drink lots of water. and DON'T SCRATCH

Chin Fern said...

Haha. I agree with you, I think because I'm new too that's why I get the rashes.

But I can't help not to scratch. They are 'irresistable'. Gees. Thanks for the info btw. =D