Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Restaurant A, B or C?

It's April, the 4th month of the year. And I'm always most zestful about this particular month.

You know why?

Because I'm gonna receive birthday wishes, birthday celebrations, birthday hugs and kisses, and birthday PRESENTS! =D
(Note: I'm actually NOT hinting you anything, so NOT la ok, haiyo.)

As always, probably in every single day of our life, we encounter the very million-dolar question,


So on birthdays, nonetheless, the same problem occurs.

The very same problem.

I still can't decide where to celebrate my birthday with my family. =S

I searched through the net but don't know where to start from. So I think asking Peiying, the great food hunter, is a very wise decision.

If you can see, she's flooded my cbox by the side --->

1. Feringghi Grill, Rasa Sayang. Western.
2. Thirty-two. Western.
3. An irish restaurant bar along the Tanjung Tokong road, not hard to find since it's sign is green
4. Vintage Bulgaria. Bulgarian food.
5. Ingolf. German food.
6. Bella Italia for Italian. (Been there. Cross from list)
7. Smokey jack in UPR. nice ambiance. some food nice. some not. havent been there though
8. Salsas in UPR. (Just viewed the menu, don't like. Cross.)
9. Louis Cafe, Agryll Road. Western.
10. Miss Saigon, E-gate / Pulau Tikus. Vietnamese.
11. Mario Ristorante, Batu Ferringghi. Italian.
12. Ferringhi Garden, Batu Ferringghi (after park royal. turn into a right narrow lane. around that place). Western.
13. Sunset Bistro. (Going with college friends on Thursday for a sort-of Birthday countdown. Check.)
14. Isaribi Tei Japanese Restaurant, Jalan Chow Thye.

One more from her blog.

15. Victoria Station. Western. (Bombe Alaska, looks very appetising!)

Ok, now that I'm spoiled with 15 choices...

No wait, 18 actually.

My mum also came up with 3 other suggestions:

16. The Ship, Batu Ferringhi
17. QE II
18. Golden Triangle

Gosh. Please tell me, seriously:


Omg. I have one day more till Friday to decide before me and my family eat me on my birthday.

I can't wait for Friday! =)

1 comment:

liow yingtian said...

Eh, seriously, dont go Feringgi Grill. It's like FREAKING EXPENSIVE and not very nice either. realllly. JUTA MEE is way better! hahahha

My sis say the ship sucks. was not as good as last time already. heh.

Golden Triangle looks nice. i mean the place. heheee.

happy bitdhay hhaha fern