Friday, April 24, 2009

Top 10 Things You Dread to Happen in a Flight

OMG. It's been like what, 2 weeks this blog is in hibernation?

Hello again! I'm still very super duper good and healthy and pretty and beautiful here! :D

But nobody seem to really care, haha, I used to have people nudging me in my chatbox saying: Oi update your blog la and things like that. But I don't have it now. =( I guess people are immuned to me not updating my blog. Gees, that's a really bad immune to have had developed among my own readers.


I was in Singapore for the last whole week for a seminar crewing event.

I took a flight down and within in total 2 hours trip to and fro by plane, I'm really 'inspired' to compose this post.

The Top 10 Things You Dread to Happen in a Flight

Like seriously, you would pray hard these things will NOT happen during your journey. NOT.

1. A baby's non-stop crying and wailing and screaming and weeping and.....omg. They just won't stop!
2. Someone beside you have bad breath.
3. That someone beside you have bad breath, snores in his/her sleep with his/her mouth wide open.
4. The air hostess wears a make up too thick that it sores the eyes even take a glimpse at her.
5. The food in the menu looks 1000times better than the exact thing would taste.
6. That hot guy you spotted and smiled to during boarding queue is sitting with another girl and they are laughing happily. Je-lus.
7. You want to go to the washroom but you are seated right at the window seat and it's actually meal time and everybody else's attached food tray is down.
8. A little kid sitting beside you staring, obseving, wondering, and sometimes imitating at each and every of your movements.
9. The person sitting next to you has some kind of unbearable weird 'body scent' and you are travelling in a 12-hour international flight.
10. I still think the crying and wailing and screaming and weeping of a baby is the most annoying despite how cute a thing they can be.

I don't understand why was I able able to survive and to come out standing strong after encountering the above said Top 10s.

Luckily, I wasn't so unlucky. Woot.

I had the baby incident and my mum had the snoring bad breath man incident.

Some others, I imagined them. Imagining some of the situation happening to me.....CRAP, No, they better not happen on me!

No. Seriously, don't.

Especially not #6. Omg.


Yvonne said...

Haha~~~~~i encountered no.7 and no.9. Its suck!!!!

Luckily it's just a 3 hours flight.....

Chin Fern said...

Haha. I've never really experienced that but I totally get what you mean by it sucks! Hahaha.