Sunday, April 26, 2009

First ever Bouquet

Yes. I saw this!

My name on a ubiquitous brown envelope that is cliped to a huge bouquet of pink roses with a ring of statice, topped with mini-berries look-alike in orangey red with a wooden cowie paper clip.

Super pretty. =)

I was dumbfounded and I literally blurted 'Oh My God' when I saw my name on the envelope. Never had this crossed my mind; not out of the blues that I will receive a bouquet with 99 pink roses.

And it's my first bouquet in my entire 19 years of my life. (a bit late i know. hoho.)

I couldn't understand why. So I asked: Why do you choose to do such things at this time? Why now?

"I have always wanted to do so. But now it's because it's either now or never. And so I want to give now."

How sweet.

I'll remember it as my first ever bouquet of flowers of my favourite colour, all the way from KL. =)

Thank you very much, You Jing.


voiceitout said...

so sweet n pretty. nice bouquet too. must be very expensive lor 99roses. crazy!!! btw, the purple flowers are called statice not lavender, we dont havee lavender here in malaysia my dear.

Chin Fern said...

hahha. okay! Thanks!! =D
So shallow, all the while I thought is lavender! Hahaha. all because it's purple! Gees. how about the berries lookalike? What is it called?

yt said...

super pretty the flowers. hahah. so padat and niceee

Peiying said...

very sweet =)