Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The 4th Week

Huuu. So this is the fourth week I have been in KL.

KL is actually the general term people would refer to the state Selangor la, which is geographically, incorrect.

So more precisely, I’m in Petaling Jaya.

Even more precisely, I stay/work/eat/run/play/sleep/sing/wake up at the city called Bandar Utama. When I moved in here, I knew from the landlord that he himself doesn’t provide internet at the house I am staying, but the other housemates do subscribe their own internet, so I was thinking maybe I can share!

Hah! So happy I won’t have to live without internet! Because when I am at home, literally, I would be online all the time. Even if I’m pooing I will live my internet on.

Okay, maybe I should actually use other examples than pooing.

But then yes, so how can I lead a balanced lifestyle, when my highly dependent element is not there right?

BUT I SURVIVED IT! To almost a month already! How miraculous!

It was of course hard, for such a big switch in life. Hahaha. Also, especially when your company’s internet is as slow as the tortoise competing in The Rabbit and The Tortoise fairytale that were told to us when we were young, the one where the tortoise won the race over the rabbit at the end and the one where the moral of the story is to ask you to be humble and should not be a snobbish little kid.

You remember that story? Haha. So ya, is that slow tortoise kinda internet. Sigh. It sometimes even got disconnected half way through surfing. Just like how the rabbit in the story would fell asleep by a shady tree.

You can’t even stalk people on facebook properly anymore. I mean, the photo albums just won’t load! Sometimes when I want to reply to a wall-to-wall message, I spent so much time typing an uber longggggg message, click the ‘Comment’ tab, after a while, the page suddenly went blank into a loading state for soooooo long and will never come back to the original page, and poooof, there goes your uber longgggg message. Super frustrating can!

So then I realize the only way for me to online, is to go to the eateries outlet in the mall that has wifi. But before that, I found out that the entire 1 Utama is wifi-enable! YEAYNESS cos it means free internet for me! Hehe. Don’t have to pay for some overprice coffee to get online.

Oh ya, forgot to mention, my house is walking distance to 1U, while my work place is just beside 1U. Hoho.

So yes, back to the wifi-enabled 1 Utama. While I feel utter happiness with this god-given facility, I also found out this wifi-enabled BLOODY CANNOT LET YOU GO ON FACEBOOK AND CONNECT TO MSN MESSENGER! LIKE SERIOUS SHIT. Those two are like my must-have when I go online! Like how a good tomyam should taste spicy and sour at the same time! Stupid shit.

Oh well, I guess the cheapskate way never really work. No matter what, you have to pay some overprice coffee or food to get access to your internet. OH WELL! That also explains why I cannot update my blog although I am supposed to have a lot of free time at home!

When I first reached here, I really couldn’t get use to living alone. I always thought I can handle this. I always thought that I’m that awesome-posome strong unbeatable Miss Independent that can do every single thing on my own. I can go places by myself, do things by myself, spending most of the time by myself and etc.

Repairing car. Haha.

The truth is, hoho, I am wrong.

Rewinding back to the first morning I was here, I woke up from bed, and I felt so lost. Like shit, this is not my home. What am I supposed to do next? Then I immediately texted, Yoan, who also came here for internship to meet up. Veen Dee was too caught up with work and already had some of her plans set, so she won’t be able to make it. None of us live really near each other, so it’s not so possible to pop into each other house anytime, not when I don’t have a car to myself.

Meeting up Yoan takes about an hour by public transport. =S
Yoan! Makan@Petaling Street

Then I realize, how much different it feels to be away from home living on your own. Now I really understand how Yoan, who’s from Indonesia and Veen Dee, who’s from Alor Setar, feels when they are in Penang. Like really understand.

When you are away from home, close friends that you know, suddenly become your 2nd family. =)

@ Wondermilk cupcake shop!
Veen Dee said I looked fat in this photo. Can you even believe it? Since when she earn the right to comment that other people is fat?

Every night, when I reached home, there’s no one I can talk to. Haha. I’m super talkative person okay! I love to talk, besides why am I even in the communications field if I don’t! LOL. All my other housemates would shut themselves in their room, minding their own business. And I’m pretty sure talking to myself wouldn’t seem to be the best solution out of this issue. Haha.

So sometimes I would choose to go home late so that I don’t have to be confined to the four dreadful corners which I yet to feel belong. Which, is also dangerous since I have a half an hour distance from my work place to my house.

Oh yes, you didn’t hear my wrong, ‘half an hour’, is not a lie.

Taking steps

I didn’t know it was such a distance when I rented this place. My landlord told me the most 20mins. T_T and I bet, he made the judgment without having tried walking to my work place.

And as much as I have my undying passion in running, I never really like walking. If you ask me to choose between a 30-minute run or a 20-minute walk, I swear I will run. I know you might suggest: “ eh, then run to work la.”, oh, then with my sweat and 'scent' in my work clothes for the entire day is it? Don’t forget I need to wear running shoes to run too. So that means like, erm, running shoes with formal shirt and skirt?

No thanks, I don’t want to be the next ‘fashion legend’ after Lady Gaga. She can hold the title to herself, too much of a responsibility and limelight for me.

Things were really never easy, a switch in life, and the twitch in work. Especially when it comes to work, you are often boiled down with the only option: “no choice ma, work what”. When you started working for people, you will realize a lot of times, you will have to say this sentence. Okla, maybe you will use a more proper grammar to say it.

What more when you are an intern.

Although I’m really happy that all my colleagues never discriminate or bully me. I have really awesome colleagues that are nice to the max.

But when you are an intern, your job scope is an intern job scope la. That’s what I mean.

However, it’s already the 4th week I am here. As time passes by, I’m learning and adapting to this new life of mine! I’m happier kid compared to when I first reached this stranger land of mine.

There are a lot more happenings that I want to share! And if I don’t end this post here, I don’t know when will I finish this post. You read already also sien what right, like cannot finish one. So this abrupt stop might make you want to read the next post more.

Hah. Bai.

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