Thursday, April 1, 2010



So much to pack because it's just like moving in to a new place and need to include lots of OL clothings!

Thank god I have a shopaholic vain mum that has lots of hardly-worn OL shirts and I don't have to only own 5 shirts which I planned to only buy and wear the same the shirts every week from Monday to Friday. HAHAHA.

Money kept barking for cuddles when my mum and I were busy packing. So I geram tak boleh tahan, I put her into my laundry basket!


Oh well! She seemed to be coping with it and enjoying it anyway.

My luggage is so huge that it looks like I will be there for 3 years instead of 3 months.

It's hard to decide which outfits to bring to KL cos what if I feel like wearing it and I don't have it with me? Cos I kinda put everything in. Stupid shit vain pot.

Then I also can't decide which pair of shoes should be brought to KL cos what if my outfit can't match my shoes? So I brought a few pairs down.

I need to train for running in KL as well because I have a race on the 18th! So sports shoes confirmed have to be down.

So I practically brought my whole house that belongs to me down.

Then I realise I too crazy so I unloaded some back into my wardrobe.

Anyway my luggage size is still crazy. I won't show here later scared u to death. Hahahah.

So tomorrow is the day!

Where I leave home for the longest time ever; (3 months! First time! Don't laugh at me!)
Where I have to live independently; (I know a lot of you studying overseas have la, don't laugh at me again for experiencing it slower)
Where I will not have the convenience of having a car;
Where I have to be considerate not to sing out too loud; (Don't know how to survive this T_T)
Where I don't get the luxury to eat cheap and GOOD food like in Penang;
Where I (might not) get internet from home just like that;
But most importantly,
Where I won't have the warmth of having a mum beside me.

Lovin' my mum mum!
(Redang teaser photo!!!)

But I'm gonna experience a whole new lifestyle, being in a corporate environment and being in a big busy city!

Tomorrow's lunch will be our farewell meal before I return to my beloved island again.


As for now, I shall lift my head up high, stand tall and march towards a whole new experience that is, still, full of mystery and of course exciting! ;)

P.S I really really hope I can blog about Redang, but then you can ignore this sentence cos everytime I say this, everytime it doesn't happened. So, yeah.

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